HCG Diet Protein Option: Eggs

Dieters often have confusion about what they should eat during each phase of the HCG diet. The typical confusing options are the protein choices that are permissible on the VLCD. On the low-calorie phase of the HCG diet, you cannot eat whatever you want and whenever you like. It is because even a tiny mistake slows down your progress.

Before you do anything or pick a food to eat, ask yourself first. Is it permissible on the HCG diet? Does the food choices you get increases your weight loss result? Ensure that you are not compromising your weight loss and health as you choose your meal options.

Proteins are macronutrients that play a role in the HCG diet. It helps in building muscle and suppressing your appetite on the HCG diet as you start shedding pounds. The allowable options on the HCG diet are lean meats as they contain valuable protein for weight loss. Some dieters also use eggs as a substitute when the typical choices are not available in the market.

Are eggs Allowable on the HCG Diet?

The answer is yes but, it is not something that you can eat every day. When you choose eggs for your protein meal, then you should eat the egg whites than the yolk. Take note that egg yolks contain fats that may not work well with the HCG.

How many Eggs are Allowable in Each Meal of the HCG Diet?

As per Dr. Simeons’ protocol, you can have three to four eggs per meal. Ensure that it is hard-boiled and you can only eat one whole boiled egg and, the rest would be egg whites only. When you eat eggs on your first meal, you cannot eat meats for the rest of the day.

How Often can you eat Eggs on the HCG Diet?

If you eat a hard-boiled egg for your VLCD meal, you cannot do this more than twice a week. Keep things moving and explore your food choices. It prevents the dullness of having the same meal every day. Eggs are the last resort when the regular options are not available.

Cooking Methods and Adding Flavor to Eggs on the HCG Diet

Cooking oils are not permissible because you cannot eat fried eggs on your VLCD. Use a non-stick pan and cooking spray for scrambled eggs. Add some pepper and salt to taste. You can also cook poached eggs in simmering water. You can also add an egg mixture to your vegetable choice in a non-stick pan and add some chopped tomatoes. For some kick, you can add garlic, pepper, salt, basil, and rosemary.

Does Eating Eggs on the HCG Diet Causes Weight Gain?

Weight gain is possible when you eat fats or go beyond the 500 calorie limits on the HCG diet. Eating eggs every day can cause weight loss fluctuations as egg yolks contain fats. To avoid weight gain, ensure that you portion your meals and get other sources of nutrients from various food groups. Take your HCG shots at the same time each day to reach your goals.

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