You have to be aware of the things that will help you reach your weight loss goal on the HCG diet. Study The diet protocol before you will start your diet. This is to make sure that you will not slip during the weight loss process. Planning and preparation will help you succeed on the HCG diet.

What are the things you need to know on HCG diet?

  1. You must know about calories

Calories are the unit of energy that you get from foods. The energy is used by your body for daily activities and function of your system. However, too much calories will be stored as fat in the areas of your body. Most of the foods that are high in calories are low in nutritional value. HCG diet allows a safe cut down of calories. It targets your stubborn fats and uses it as an energy source. You are just allowed to have the exact amount of calories needed by your body during weight loss.

  • You must be aware that the HCG always work

The HCG suppresses your hunger during your VLCD. It allows the fast metabolism of abnormal fats. The HCG reprograms your brain and stops it from sending hunger pains. Administer your HCG at the same time each day to avoid missed doses. Each dose of HCG will stay in your body for 3 days. Remember that you cannot lose weight without the HCG in your system.

  • You must know about hunger

Do not get used to being hungry. HCG diet does not deprive you to eat. It is a weight loss process that will teach you to be responsible for what you eat. Do make yourself suffer from hunger pains. You can enjoy diet fruits and vegetable to help you deal with physical hunger. Losing weight is not a punishment but it is a step in maintaining your health.

  • Know that do not have to stay away from sweet foods forever

You can enjoy sweet treats during your HCG diet through the help of stevia. HCG diet does not allow sugar and carbs. This is because it can cause weight gain or a delay in your weight loss. However, you can enjoy a controlled amount of sugar AFTER your HCG diet. You have to stop your indulgence to sweet foods so that you can lose weight fast. This will also help you in preventing your risk of having diabetes.

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