The very low-calorie diet is effective for hundreds of HCG dieters. It can help in rapid weight loss. The VLCD on the HCG diet is a goal for the body to transition well. It is not dangerous if it is well supervised by a medical assistant. It is an alternative way of losing weight by surgery. The VLCD on the HCG diet is not created for rapid weight loss but for health and weight maintenance. Along with the VLCD is the HCG diet hormone that utilizes in weight loss. This is a real way of losing weight safely.

What happened during the VLCD?

During the very low-calorie diet, the body is switching into a state that will result in rapid fat loss. It is with the help of the HCG diet hormones. The rapid weight loss continues to be effective as long as the HCG hormone is present in the system. There will be no complications as long as there will be a restriction of the calories during the work of the hormones. The HCG diet is a significant weight loss process compared to other products. It is designed to be simple that only includes specific foods for the body.

How long does it take to finish the VLCD?

The very low-calorie diet is done in a short duration. This is an advantage to every dieter so that they can end up successfully. The VLCD is often successful because it is just short in duration. In the HCG diet, it is usually done in 3 weeks duration which every dieter can easily handle. Even longer duration of VLCD is the HCG diet is still safe because of the hormones. This kind of protocol is already done before up until now. The VLCD on the HCG diet has no medical and health issues to patients because it is totally safe.

What to eat during the VLCD?

It is focused on the quality of food that you are going to eat. This is not about the amount of the calories but on the quality of the calorie. The best way for this diet is focused on food quality. It does not cause any nutritional deficiency like another form of weight loss program. This is carefully selected based on the nutritional needs of the body per day. Only the natural and whole foods are allowed in a restricted manner. This is because there are natural products that will not help in losing weight but can be used after weight loss.

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