A very low-calorie diet is an aid for weight loss. It’s a cut down on your food intake especially those that have high calories. Cutting down your calorie intake can curb your risk of weight-related diseases. VLCD is better than any exercise because it works along with the HCG in your system. Exercising is more on physical effort and spending your energy. Exercise is a plan or a routine that conditions your bone and muscular health.

VLCD and exercise on HCG diet

On the HCG diet, it will be easier for you to lose weight when you accompany a VLCD. Doing a very low-calorie diet helps you control your food addiction. It prevents you from eating unhealthy foods such as junk foods, processed foods, and sugary drinks. VLCD also restructures your daily routine during the HCG diet. Exercising can burn extra calories. However, it consumes too much of your energy. This will eventually lead to fatigue, weakness, irritability, and hunger. Extreme workouts and exercise are not allowed during the second phase of the HCG diet.

The benefits of exercise on your body

Do not disregard exercise because it has benefits for your body. It can improve your cardiovascular health and can boost your focus. Exercise can also increase your muscle mass and strengthens your body. Avoid overdoing exercise because your body will become reliant on it. Thus, makes you struggle on losing weight. You are only allowed to have light exercises such as walking and jogging during the HCG diet.

The benefits of VLCD during the HCG diet

Following the VLCD is a strict compliance rule of the HCG diet protocol. This will help you eliminate high-calorie foods that may interfere with the HCG. Eliminating high-calorie foods means that you are avoiding all the problematic foods. You are only allowed to eat healthy foods with low calories. This will give you a greater chance of reaching your weight loss goal. Thus, curbs possible occurrences of hunger. The HCG can also work effectively once you eat fewer calories.

Tips in doing the VLCD during the HCG diet

  • Eat mindfully- Mindful eating is a way of tracking your calorie intake. You have to eat with focus so that you are aware of the foods that you are eating. This will help you avoid the foods that can cause setbacks on your weight loss.
  • Only eat the HCG diet-approved foods- The HCG diet-approved foods are low in calories. Low-calorie foods help you deal with diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. It also boosts your metabolism and focus. The HCG diet-approved foods have more choices on vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.
  • Weigh your food choices– Weight your food raw especially the lean meat. Have at least 100 grams of lean protein every meal. Weighing your foods is a healthy way of food portioning.
  • Stay hydrated– water flushes out extra calories and toxins from the burned fats in your body. It maintains fullness and proper flow of nutrients. Water can also help indigestion. You can also have soups, coffee, and tea to maintain hydration.
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