Have you ever released something? You let go of something and you feel like dancing. Phase two is when you release all your pre-historic fats. You also release all the fats deposited in your belly and other parts of the body. Phase 2 of the HCG diet will make you feel cleaned up. The feeling of released and satisfaction will be reached through Phase 2. It is when the burning of excess fats takes place. This is done along with the VLCD. A very Low-calorie diet does not cause any hunger if the shot is exact. You feel fab and cool right after you burn fats.

The Main Objective

This is raising the level of hormones that are formed in a fat cell. It controls the entire metabolism of the fat. HCG is also responsible for controlling hunger and cravings. The objective of HCG is to attack the abnormal fat stores that make the body unhealthy. It leaves the normal fat and muscle thus, keeps the body healthy. It mobilizes the abnormal fat into the bloodstream. This is burned as energy to support the VLCD. HCG burns unhealthy fats while maintaining energy and strength. The injection is used once a day in the morning. This is done before the first meal and after weighing. It speeds up metabolism by mobilizing the abnormal fat deposits. The HCG injection will form the body into the desired shape. Indeed a funky feeling for the great results!

Phase 2 Tips

  • If you experience cramps in the legs, try to use cell salts
  • Take your “after picture” right after you finish Phase 2
  • Watch out for your servings of onion and tomatoes. These are high in carbs.
  • Increase your water intake to increase weight loss. Do this every day for the rest of your life.
  • Stay away from flavored coffee or tea. It has hidden oil and sugar
  • Do not drink any diet soda on VLCD or throughout the HCG diet

Tips to start the HCG diet plan the meals ahead of time; you can create your own meal plan. However, it must be on the HCG allowed foods. Prepare your grocery and shopping list. Eat slowly there is no need to rush in eating. The faster you eat the more foods your load. Eating fast often causes weight gain. Focus on good foods and not sugar-free junk foods. Any form of junk food is harmful to the body. Load up healthy foods to keep you away from illnesses. Do not exceed the 500 calorie diet. Choose the best version for your recipe. But, make sure to have 500 calories for the whole day. Choose a delicious meal that has low calories.

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