Juice cleansing can help free your body from the build-up of toxins. The build-up of toxins and the deposition of calories in your body will lead to weight gain. Juice cleansing is a way to lose unwanted pounds caused by calorie deposition. It also supplies vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Pick the right veggies and fruits that are good for juicing. See to it that those are on the food list for VLCD.

Juice cleansing is not about putting any fruits or vegetables in your juicer or blender. You need to pick up the right item to avoid adding too many calories to your body. Juice cleansing is also a way of improving bowel movement. It maintains proper hydration during the fat-burning phase of the HCG diet.

Healthy juices you can have on VLCD of the HCG diet

Juice #1- Cucumber and celery juice

  • You will need 1 medium-sized cucumber and a handful of celery chunks
  • Slice the cucumber and celery and place it in your blender
  • Add a fresh squeezed lemon juice and stevia
  • Serve it cold or add some ice cubes to it

Juice #2- Strawberry juice

  • Have a handful of strawberry and slice in half
  • Put it in your blender and add one-half cup of water
  • You can also add some stevia and start blending it

Juice #3- Grapefruit and orange juice

  • You will need a half part of the whole grapefruit
  • 1 orange peeled or squeezed
  • Half of the whole size of squeezed lemon
  • Add them all together in your blender
  • You can also add stevia and a half-cup of water

Juice #4- Spinach and mint leaves

  • You will need one serving of spinach and a few mint leaves
  • Blend it and add a lemon squeeze to improve the taste
  • You can also add stevia and water or ice

What are the benefits of having fresh juice on VLCD?

Juices are not delicious but also helpful in your body. It helps in cleansing and detoxification. Juices are refreshing and you can have them as a replacement to soda and alcohol. Fruits and vegetable juices contain high levels of antioxidants. It allows you to lose a large number of toxins and calories. Drinking healthy juices can also boost your immune system and elevates your mood. It can improve your health and lose weight at the same time without interfering with the HCG.

Is having juice allowed every day during the VLCD?

The sure thing is you can have fresh juice. However, you cannot have them every day. It’s because you still have to give room for other food choices. Make sure that each meal you got the right amount of protein, vegetables, and fruit. Always see to it that you track the calories in every fruit and vegetable you have to make juice.

Does having fresh juice during the VLCD help you lose weight?

Fresh juice is not the main reason why you are losing weight. Fresh juices can help in reducing the excess calories during the VLCD. The reason why you are losing pounds is because of the work of the hormone. The fresh fruits and vegetables only assist the HCG in maintaining a healthy weight loss.

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