Healthy Treats That Causes Weight Gain on the HCG Diet

There are so-called healthy foods that can cause weight gain and counteract your weight loss efforts. The healthy treats are fresh products that go through processing.  Products that are labeled smart contains packs of unhealthy ingredients.

Read the food labels when you purchase your groceries during the HCG diet. Avoid processed foods because they interfere with the HCG. Ensure that the ingredients of your meals do not contain unhealthy industrial additives. Avoid the instant or ready-to-go bag of chips because they are the causes of obesity.

When you are busy with your work, cooking your meals may consume your time. But, it does not mean that you have to resort to the foods in drive-thrus and buffets. Ensure you take time preparing your meals to control the seasonings and prevent weight gain. Avoid buying prepacked meals during the HCG diet.

What are the so-called Healthy Treats to Avoid on the HCG Diet?

  1. Sushi. The typical sushi rolls in the market contain rice, batter, and unhealthy condiments. It can contribute to weight gain due to its high-calorie content. The fattening and mayonnaise in sushi rolls stimulate the fat deposition in your body. Sushi rolls can increase your satiety but, they also affect your HCG diet.
  2. Dried fruits. If you are a fan of dried fruits, you have to avoid them during the HCG diet. Fruits are a healthy treat when you eat them fresh. They contain valuable nutrients that assist in weight loss. Avoid dried fruits because the process of drying degrades the nutritional content of the fruit. It contains sugar, flavoring, and preservatives that interfere with the HCG. A single pack of dried fruit can add up to 400 calories.
  3. Muffins. It is a typical breakfast treat but did you know that muffins are unhealthy? Muffins contain grains that contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins. But, avoid them because they also have butter, oil, milk, and other loads of ingredients. One muffin reloads at least 500 calories on your diet. They also contain raisins, sugar, and additives.
  4. Bagels. It is a typical healthy option because it contains wheat. Bagels contain starch and sugar that increase the fat deposition in your body. It has loads of dense flour that have higher calorie content than the typical bread in the market. Bagels cause a rise in blood sugar, along with the inflammation that stimulates cravings during the VLCD.
  5. Fruit Juice. It has loads of sugar and flavorings that interfere with the mechanism of the HCG. The HCG diet permits homemade fruit juices from freshly picked fruits. Fruit juices in the market are not permissible because it goes through processing and preservation. Eat fresh fruits instead because it provides antioxidants and nutrients for weight loss.

When you buy meals in restaurants, ensure that you control the ingredients you add to avoid weight gain. Take your HCG injections to suppress your appetite and manage your VLCD. Stick to the approved treats in the HCG diet food list. Explore the recipe but avoid adding fattening ingredients.

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