Losing weight through the HCG diet is fast and easy by following the protocol. The weight loss goal you created will be your basis on the duration of your diet. You have to create a realistic weight loss goal to avoid any failure. The weight loss goal must be possible or reachable. It is because an unrealistic weight loss goal will fail all your expectations. It will keep you out from the diet path. Thus, take you out from reaching your weight loss goal.

Healthy weight loss is accompanied by healthy eating, healthy habits, and proper HCG shot. Healthy eating and lifestyle is a big help not just in losing weight. It is also helpful for protecting the body against weight-related diseases. A healthy lifestyle can also help you develop the right perspective towards food. There are also various benefits when you shift to healthy habits. You can maintain a disease-free and fit body longer.

Healthy weight loss and muscle can be possible if you do the HCG diet carefully. HCG targets stubborn fats from various parts of your body. The stubborn fats are the fats in your body that are not reached by other weight loss regimens. The HCG only cut down your body fats and leaves your muscle behind. It makes the HCG diet a safe one. It restores and builds muscle mass and it uses the burned fats as your source of energy.

How to maintain your weight loss after the HCG diet?

  • Get enough time to exercise

Add an exercise routine to your daily activities. Exercise is allowed as long as you will not overdo it. Increasing your time of exercise will help you in dealing with your intake of calories. Exercise as well help you burn off extra calories from the foods you have been loading. You are allowed to do yoga, walking, jogging or dancing. However, you are not allowed to do these all at once. Exercising is not allowed if you are hungry. You can increase your exercise routine up to 30 minutes in each session. You can do it alternately in 3 to 4 times each week.

  • Choose healthy foods

Healthy eating includes a healthy food option and portion. Healthy eating is the right routine in losing weight. You must be careful in loading with calories because it can also ruin your weight loss. Maintain the food portioning and observe proper food control. Do not go back to your old eating habits because it can cause you to gain weight. Choose the foods that are listed on your HCG diet food list. The whole foods and other food choices during the HCG diet are not just healthy. These are also helpful in keeping a healthy body and weight. Load on slowly to give your body a time to process the foods properly during your digestion.

Healthy foods such as whole grains, vegetables, lean meat, and vegetables are allowed. You can increase your food serving however; you are not allowed to overeat. Healthy foods promote metabolism and it can also improve your energy. A healthy metabolism will help you keep your weight and muscle mass.

  • Deal with stress right away

The high level of stress can cause weight gain. It affects your mental and emotional health. Stress leads to emotional eating or the eating style to respond to stress. Emotional eating does not cause you to eat healthy foods. This is an eating style that allows you to eat too many unhealthy foods. Emotional eating or stress eating is an unhealthy way of the body to comfort from stress. Deal stress right away by having enough time to sleep. You can also lower your stress levels by drinking tea or meditation. Stress causes instant weight gain which affects both your body and muscle.

You can deal with stress by having a cup of tea or coffee. These drinks have calming properties and promote boosting your mind. It can also boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. You can also take a short walk or load on healthy choices of fatty food. This is because healthy fats can boost your brain and lowers your stress level right away.

  • Be careful with the sugar and carb option

After the HCG diet, you are already allowed to add back more foods including sugar. However, you have to control your intake of sugar and carbs because it has a severe effect. Load on sugar and carbs slowly and make sure to choose the healthy options. Do not load on the foods that have unhealthy carbs such as pasta, burger and fried potatoes.

How to maintain your muscle health during the HCG diet?

  • Protein can help- This is one of the important nutrients your body needs during the HCG diet. Protein is a food nutrient that helps build your tissue and prevents bone and muscle loss. It can also keep your stomach full which leads to control of the intake of calories. Add an exact amount of protein on your meal. Protein can be found in vegetables and all cuts of lean pork, beef, and chicken meat.
  • Stay active– This is linked with proper exercise. Staying active can help in preserving and shaping your muscle. Physical activities burn extra fats that may harm your muscle. It can also tear off unhealthy fats in your body muscle. Being active can also avoid stress which eventually causes overheating. Do not overdo physical activities because it can also destroy your muscle mass. You can just simply do stretching, yoga or dancing. These light activities do not consume your energy.
  • Load on lean meat– You can cook delicious meat choices. You can increase your meat serving as long as you will not eat the fatty content. The lean meat that you can enjoy in maintaining your muscle mass is chicken, beef and pork.

Your muscle mass can be destroyed once you go back to your unhealthy eating. This is because the foods that you eat will be stored right away as body fats. Avoid the activities and unhealthy foods that stop you from maintaining a healthy weight. Do not participate in heavy workout session because it causes fatigue. The heavy workout routine is an unhealthy routine if you are maintaining your weight loss goal.

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