Two forms of hunger trigger you to seek food. You may feel either emotional or physical hunger. Hunger is caused by a certain trigger which you need to be careful of. Every person has different appetite triggers but the most common to everyone is hunger. You need to be watchful when you respond to certain hunger especially when you are in the second phase of the HCG diet.

Differentiate physical and emotional hunger

Physical hunger only comes when you have not yet eaten foods during your mealtime. This is a sign from your body that you are running out of energy. When physical hunger comes you have to make sure that you are eating healthy food choices. Emotional hunger on the other hand is when you still feel hungry even when you just finish a large meal. This kind of hunger does not come from your stomach but in your brain. It leads to developing a dangerous habit that can turn into weight gain.

How can you tell that you are really hungry during the HCG diet?

  • Your stomach is empty because you have not yet eaten something
  • There is a growling sensation in your stomach
  • You feel a headache or lightheadedness
  • You feel grumpiness or frequent irritability
  • Lack of energy or tiredness
  • Shakiness or a feeling of not being able to move

Physical hunger needs immediate action to be able to avoid prolonging it. A prolonged hunger is at risk of making it severe and leads you to eat too much on the next meal.

How to deal with physical hunger during the HCG diet?

You have to be careful with your food consumption. Grab healthy food choices right away or eat your meal on time. If your meal is not yet ready you can have a whole fruit. Drink an adequate amount of water to be able to improve fullness. If you experience stomach growling at night you can have a handful of berries and a cup of tea. However, you have to make sure that you eat foods 4 to 5 hours before sleeping. It helps you maintain proper digestion and metabolism.

Does physical hunger occur frequently during the HCG diet?

Physical hunger on the HCG diet may occur when you fail to maintain your dose. It is normal especially when you eat your meal late. You can also experience physical hunger during the first few days of Phase 2 because your body is still adjusting. However, as soon as the HCG works fully in burning your fats and resetting your metabolism, there will be fewer or zero occurrences of hunger. You can safely implement the VLCD along with the proper HCG dose.

Hunger is a complicated thing that can be difficult to fix especially when it is emotional hunger. However, the HCG diet is a potent instrument to be able to balance your appetite. It also curbs hunger and cravings. The HCG diet also changes your habits and behavior towards food and lets you develop healthy habits.

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