The menopausal stage is a time where you are at risk of gaining weight. This happens commonly to women who are approaching their 50’s. HCG diet can help in dealing with this kind of weight gain. You have to know the possible reason why you gain weight. This is for you to be able to know the ways to counter it. It is difficult to lose weight as you age. It has more to do with diet and lifestyle. Following a proper diet and lifestyle is hard especially if you are a busy person. HCG can even raise estrogen levels slightly.

HCG diet allows you to offset the change in your physical appearance. You gain weight because of the hormonal changes. This is you’re your estrogen levels begin to decline. Reduced levels of estradiol cause fat cells to become larger which leads to weight gain. However, the combined fat burning effect of HCG along with the calorie restriction. HCG diet helps you restore hormone abnormalities. This happens through the restriction s of the food intake during the HCG diet.

HCG diet tips to lose the menopausal weight gain

  • You need to reduce your caloric intake

You have to reduce your intake of high-calorie foods when you hit menopause. It is needed to be able to lose weight and go smoothly during the VLCD. You are not required to exercise hardly during this moment. You just have to follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. You will see real and fast results on the HCG diet. You can also quickly lose any weight that you’ve put on during menopause.

  • Avoid late-night snacking

This means that you have to stop your late-night habit. Snacking at night will result in a metabolic deficiency. Your metabolism does not work well at night. Allow your digestive system to rest and have time to process foods properly. All you have to do is to eat at the right time with the right portion of food. The most important thing during the HCG diet is to eat foods that have high protein content. Protein aids in keeping you full and avoid the attack of cravings.

  • Get enough sleep

The menopausal stage has a lot of changes in your body. That is why you need proper sleep to be able to help your body adjust. Staying up late will trigger stress hormones that can cause natural weight gain. Sleeping in less than 5 hours has a big possibility to gain weight. Sleeping also helps a lot during the HCG diet. It allows you to lower the hormones in your body that cause natural weight gain. It also renews your brain and energy that keeps you going during the VLCD.

  • Choose vegetables and fruits

For your food options, you can start loading on veggies and fruits. There are provided lists of the foods you are allowed on the HCG food list. These are the foods that are carefully chosen to help you reach your weight loss goal. The foods during the HCG diet have low calorie, fat-free, and also zero in carb content. These are the fruits and vegetables that are high in valued nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Organic food products are common options for the HCG diet. Fruits and veggies have high fiber content that is great for the VLCD.

  • Find a way that will relieve stress

Stress and anxiety are common during this stage. You are prone to anxious thoughts and overthinking. This will cause you to gain weight without even considering the foods. Stress is the silent weight-loss killer. Deal with stress though relaxation, medication, light exercise and sleep. The most known stress reliever is yoga. This is a way of light exercise that allows you to flex your muscles and breathe. You can also deal with stress by taking a vacation or stepping out of your stressful environment. It is very important to be stress-free during your HCG diet.

Other weight loss tips after the HCG diet

  • Eat plenty of protein- It helps you curb hunger and cravings. Protein can also prevent bone and muscle breakdown during your weight loss. It keeps you feeling full longer and boosts your metabolism. You can have protein in various cuts of lean meat such as beef and chicken. Some vegetables are rich in protein.
  • Include dairy in your diet- Dairy products help maintain healthy bone structure during your HCG diet. It is also helpful in lowering your risk of having cancer and other diseases. Research suggests that dairy products can help you lose fat while retaining muscle mass. Dairy products are a good source of vitamin D and protein. It also provides potassium and vitamins A and B12. These are essential nutrients in maintaining your weight loss.
  • Eat foods high in soluble fiber- The fiber-rich food can help in the function of the digestive system. It will allow the metabolism to reset with the help of the HCG hormones. These are great for weight loss. The veggies in the HCG diet are fulfilling despite its low calorie. It is very easy to handle that helps in detoxifying the body. Flaxseeds, Brussels avocados, broccoli, and sprouts are high in fiber.
  • Drink green tea or coffee- Coffee and tea can lower the possibility of overeating. Aside from water, these are also a great aid to control cravings. The caffeine in these drinks may help burn fat. To avoid the wrong intake of food, go and grab a cup of tea or coffee. See to it that is sugar-free. Be careful about the sugar-free labeled drinks in the grocery.
  • Practice mindful eating- This is educating your mind to be aware of the foods. It cultivates your mind to think and decide on what to eat, how much to eat and why we eat. Mindful eating may help reduce stress and improve your relationship with food. What you eat affects the body and weight. Eating mindfully will make us enjoy the foods that hit our senses and make us stop if we feel full.
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