Food is everywhere and it is often a reward for your achievements or a source of comfort. Using food as a source of comfort or reward becomes a habit. It results in food addiction which is a common struggle by people. Create a new way to help avoid food addictions to prevent diseases.

Having food addiction during the HCG diet can sabotage your weight loss. It will often lead you to binge eating and weight gain. The effects of the HCG will not be promising if you gain weight. No matter how much you will try to lose weight if you continue your bad habits there will be no results at all. Through the HCG diet, you can change your food addictions to be able to lose weight.

What is the cause of food addiction?

Food addiction comes from your brain as a result of cravings. It is a strong desire to eat foods that contains sugar, fat, salt, and other appealing flavors. The reward center of your brain tends to develop an addiction to eating. This will make you consume too much on certain foods or eat too much even after a large meal. Food addiction often results in tolerance or hunger stimulation.

How does the HCG diet help you with food addiction?

  • The HCG diet will change your eating pattern

The HCG diet will help fight food addiction by changing your eating pattern. It means that if you are a binge eater, you will start to eat less. Your weight loss plan on the HCG diet must include how much food you want to eat and when will you eat. Your meal schedule and portion must be constant until you will finish the second phase.

  • You learn to identify hunger

During the HCG diet, you will learn to determine the type of hunger you have. You can only eat foods when you are physically hungry. Other forms of hunger such as emotional or psychological hunger can affect your weight loss. You must learn to identify the kind of hunger you have so that you will know what you must do.

  • The HCG diet restricts addicting foods

The HCG diet does not allow any foods that can stimulate your addiction. It means that you cannot eat high calories foods or junk foods. You must avoid those food choices because it can affect your weight loss. By avoiding the foods that trigger addiction your body will have a break from food toxins. Restriction from unhealthy foods will start to create a healthy eating pattern on your weight loss journey.

  • The HCG protocol guides your weight loss

The protocol of the HCG diet is not only for the VLCD. It serves as a guide for the entire weight loss process. The HCG diet protocol will help you develop eating discipline, proper meal planning, and how to deal with hunger. It assists the HCG in implementing changes in your body to be able to lose weight. If you follow the protocol of the HCG diet you can avoid food addiction.

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