How Does Your Body Type Affect Your Progress on the HCG Diet?

Are you struggling with slow progress on the HCG diet? It is sometimes due to your body type that affects your response to the treatment. Other dieters are having a hard time losing weight and, some people also lose weight faster. It is essential to understand the process of weight loss more healthily and how your metabolism works.

Does Your Body Type Affect Your Weight?

Each body type on the HCG diet has specific characteristics in terms of fat, muscle, and weight. Nonetheless, there are no further data to support its effects on exercise and diet. Avoid expecting that the HCG diet will do magic in reaching your weight loss goal. Establish healthy habits and stick to the diet protocol to lose weight regardless of your body type.

Body Types and How they Affect your Weight Loss

#1- Ectomorph

This body type can gain little weight regardless of the amount of food they eat. It is resistant to weight gain because of the high metabolic rate. It only has a smaller amount of visible fats and few muscle tissues. Ectomorphs have small body frames and, they can gain only a little weight.

They can eat lots of foods with loads of calories without gaining weight. Regardless of the intensity of their activities, they do not have to worry about gaining weight. Ectomorphs can incorporate intense workout activities but have a hard time toning their muscle.

#2- Endomorph

If your body is a curvy type and has a large bone structure, you are Endomorph. It gives you a hard time checking the fat percentage. Endomorphs have a pear-shaped body and are adept at storing fuel. The muscle and fat mass are typical in the body. Endomorphs can experience a hard time losing fats but, it does not mean that you will become obese.

You can prevent yourself from obesity through the HCG diet. Pay attention to what you eat and ensure to keep your body active. If you are already obese or overweight, the HCG diet will help you get back on track. Most of the Endomorphs are doing intensity and strenuous workouts to burn calories and prevent obesity.

#3- Mesomorph

It is an evenly built body that causes you to lose and gain weight fast. If you are Mesomorph, you can build muscle and have an upright posture. Your system has lots of growth hormones and testosterone. But, you can also gain the weight right away. Pay attention to your calorie intake when your body is a Mesomorph type. Before starting the HCG diet, you can incorporate some exercise routine to avoid a fat deposition.

Regardless of your body type, eat more healthy foods during the HCG diet. Load more on protein and fiber to increase your metabolism and maintain satiety. There is no clean-cut on each body type. You can still gain weight due to metabolic issues.

Administer the HCG at the same time each day to reach a maximum weight loss. Avoid eating sugar, fats, carbs, and other foods that trigger your appetite. Track your weight every day and keep your calorie intake low. You can lose weight on the HCG diet regardless of your body type.


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