How to Control Cravings during the HCG Diet?

It is clinically proven that the HCG diet helps you lose weight. But, as with any other diet plan, there are certain side effects. If you have been on the HCG diet for a while, then you must have experienced cravings during this period. The HCG is also used in weight loss programs to curb appetite and help food cravings. The HCG diet requires you to inject HCG into your body daily for two weeks, then replace the injections with a less powerful form of Hormone that can be taken orally.

The Two Types of cravings

  • Selective Cravings. This is a craving for a specific food. It may be a desire to eat a whole cheeseburger or chocolate. Selective craving is when you know the specific food you want to eat.
  • Non-selective craving. This is a desire to eat anything. This is totally opposite to selective cravings. It is a result of real hunger or hunger pains. Non-selective craving is also a cause of thirst. You can drink water to satisfy cravings.

How to Control Cravings and Make Your Weight Loss Permanent

  • Stay hydrated

Ensure you are drinking enough liquids. Unsweetened tea and coffee are permissible during the HCG diet. These are typical breakfast choices during the VLCD. But, avoid diet drinks, sugar-loaded drinks, soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and iced tea. Also, avoid sugary foods to prevent weight gain.

  • Exercise

Try exercising rather than relying on fries and cake to help you calm down. Exercising can boost your serotonin levels and prevent occurrences of intense cravings. That should help you control cravings and skip the sugar and extra carbs more easily.

  • Avoid getting hungry

Do not wait to get extremely hungry. Eat at mealtime with the exact amount of food. Hunger is the reason why we experience cravings. Avoid long periods of hunger by preparing food ahead of time. This can prevent the craving from showing up all the time.

  • Distance yourself from foods

The best way to avoid cravings is to distance yourself from them. Take a walk or make yourself busy with something. Stay away from the tempting foods.

  • Eat Proteins

The HCG has allowed a list of proteins for the diet. It lowers the appetite thus, keeps you from overeating. Protein can help in craving and keeps you satisfied for a bit longer. Make sure that the proteins are fat-free and it follows the VLCD.

  • Reduce stress level

One cause of cravings is stress. It causes stress eating or a feeling in the emotion of eating. Stress promotes cravings and finds food as comfort. Stress can be prone to eating too much. The scariest thing is that; stress can cause weight gain on its own. This is because stress hormones develop belly fats.

  • Change your habits

This is a hard situation. But, starting new habits is effective. Instead of indulging in food, you may go shopping or a walk in a park. Cravings at home can be prevented by taking a walk in the block. This is to distract the cravings that only last for a couple of minutes. Replace cravings by doing something meaningful than eating.


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