Losing weight is not just an experience but a journey. You will face various challenges such as dealing with food cravings, weight stalls, and sudden weight gain. However, the most important thing you must do is to stay motivated to finish the process. Your motivation plays a big role in losing weight. This is because it will serve as your driving force whenever you feel like stopping.

Keep the right mindset before you will start your weight loss. It will help you create the right weight loss goal. The right mindset will also help you in dealing with weight loss failures. Losing weight is an individual journey and you have an individual goal. You must have a realistic weight loss goal. The realistic weight loss goal will keep you from having failures.

Weight loss failures usually happen even to the best dieters. You will experience weight gain or weight loss stall. However, there are also ways to correct failures without restarting the weight loss process. Make sure to get where you are destined to be. If your weight is stalling or if you gain weight you are free to do the corrections days. Weight stall and gain happen when you fail to follow the protocol.

There are also cases that you gain weight because of water retention. This is the case that commonly happens to women during menstruation. The water weights can cause natural weight gain. However, it will just be gone as soon as your menstruation period ends. You have to counter the cause of weight loss failures healthily. You do not need to sit and stop where you have failed. You need to do something right away to correct the failure.

Things you must do during the HCG diet

  • Avoid processed foods and drinks and end your food indulgences
  • Do not forget to administer your HCG shot
  • End your habit of late-night snacking
  • Avoid cheating on your eating routine during the VLCD
  • Do not engage in heavy and intense work out sessions

The HCG diet way to break weight gain or weight stall

The best way to counter the weight loss stall is the apple day and the steak day. You just have to choose from these options. The steak day and apple day gets you back on your diet track. It can also keep you from prolonged weight loss stall. The apple and steak day is the most common weight loss plateau breaker of the HCG diet.

Healthy ways to counter weight loss failures during the HCG diet

  • Make it a lifestyle

The HCG diet is not just a responsibility or a duty. It is also a part of your lifestyle. Keeping the weight off requires you to adopt new choices and habits. This is also the time that you will adapt to a new mentality. Do not make it as part of your duty because you will just get tired. Make the HCG diet as part of your routine so that you will enjoy it as you lose weight. Think about your weight loss goal for deeper motivations. Consider embracing new food choices as well.

  • Motivate yourself with the daily result of the HCG diet

Results are motivating especially when you fully follow the weight loss protocol. You will be more confident when you have tracked your weight loss results daily. The daily weight loss results will serve as your motivation to stick on your diet track and follow the protocol even more. HCG diet is a favorable choice for consistent and rapid weight loss results. Following the HCG protocol can help in establishing your body and transform your weight. You will also establish a new eating pattern that will help you finish the program.

  • Know the right way of implementing exercise

Working out burns your body fats and calories. However, the heavy workout can cause fatigue on your body. It does not help in losing weight. Be careful with your exercise routine on the HCG diet. This is because most work out can cause tiredness and may lead to elevated stress levels. Exercising must be weight loss friendly. It must help you lose weight and burns extra calories from the foods you eat.

Implement a light exercise routine during your HCG diet. It will boost your metabolic rate and can lower your stress levels. The common light exercise during the HCG diet is yoga and meditation. You can also do walking, swimming, and dancing. However, make sure that you are not hungry or tired when you exercise. This is because exercising with an empty stomach and low energy can elevate stress levels. The high-stress level is the reason why you encounter weight loss failures.

  • Understand hunger

Do not overreact when you get hungry. You have to think and make sure that hunger is physical. Hunger may mislead you to eat unhealthy foods or eat too many calories. You should not view hunger as a bad thing because it is normal. Hunger is a signal of your body that it needs food and nutrients. The thing that makes hunger bad is how you deal with it. Be careful with emotional hunger or cravings. This is a misleading type of hunger. Emotional hunger will ruin your HCG diet. This is one way of your body to find comfort in curbing stress or boredom. Only respond to physical hunger. Stay hydrated because of water aids in curbing hunger and cravings.

  • Do not avoid calories

HCG diet does not mean that you have to end your intake of calories. You just have to be wise in choosing the foods that have calories. Maintain your caloric cut down so that you can counter failures. This means that you have to stay away from the foods that are loaded with calories. You are not allowed to eat foods that are highly processed. You also have to avoid the foods that have sugar, oil, and starch during the VLCD. You have to choose a healthy source of calories such as from fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy calories sustain your body’s energy and nutritional needs.

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