How to Deal With the Side Effects of HCG?

The HCG works by resetting your hypothalamus to suppress your appetite when you cut down your calorie intake. It causes the body to release stored fats and converts them into energy. Your body uses them as fuel instead of getting more from the calories of the foods you eat. Avoid an extreme cut down of your calorie intake without the HCG as it can compromise your overall health.

Regardless of how you put effort into your weight loss, there are still side effects that can occur. The side effects of the HCG diet are not severe and, they do not come all at once. You can still reverse or alleviate the side effects with a proper response on the HCG diet. Stick to the diet protocol to help you get through with the not-feeling-great state of losing weight.

The Side Effects of the HCG Diet

#1- Hunger

It is typical during the starting phase of the HCG diet as your body starts to adjust. Hunger is a common withdrawal symptom when your body is shifting into a new lifestyle. Another reason is when you cut unhealthy habits when starting the HCG diet. It is a typical response of your body when you cut down sugar, fats, carbs, and food indulgences before the HCG diet.

How to deal with hunger?

Eat more vegetables and fruits to increase your satiety. Fruits contain antioxidants that improve your body function and promote fat-burning. Instead of reaching a bag of chips, opt for a fruit or a bowl of vegetables. They contain fiber that holds your appetite until the next mealtime. Ensure that you are eating five small meals every day. You can spit the 500 calorie allocation to avoid adding more calories to your diet.

#2- Insomnia

The HCG can increase your energy levels when it starts to release fats. Some dieters often experience trouble sleeping but, they are manageable. Insomnia can occur when the HCG begins to stimulate your nervous system and reset your hypothalamus. When you fail to alleviate this symptom, you are susceptible to have hunger during the day. Nonetheless, it will eventually be gone as soon as the HCG spreads in your system.

How to deal with Insomnia?

Make healthy changes to your diet and routine. Avoid eating lots of food at night because it can increase your energy levels. Improve your sleep by avoiding screentime and physical activity before you sleep. A cup of tea can also help in relaxing your brain and reduce tension. It can calm your mind and induce sleep.

#3- Tiredness

It comes after a rapid stimulation of your energy. Fatigue is typical during the first three days of the second phase of the HCG diet. When you cut down your calorie intake, your body will adjust and may experience tiredness. It will be gone when the HCG starts its efficacy.

How to deal with tiredness?

Avoid incorporating strenuous exercise because it can consume your energy. Increase your protein intake to boost your metabolism and fat burning. Get enough time to sleep to renew your energy and calm your body. It can also avoid mood swings and anxiety. Administer the HCG shots every day to prevent tiredness and energy loss.

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