Phase 1 marks the beginning of your HCG diet journey. The first day of your loading phase will also be the first day where you start your HCG injections. Do not skip this phase because it is one of the most important parts of the HCG diet. Accomplish the 2-day loading following the diet protocol for greater results. The purpose of the loading phase is to prepare your fats stores for the VLCD.

The goal of the loading phase of the HCG diet is to eat as many fatty foods and high-calorie foods as you can. This is to make sure that your fat stores are filled. You are allowed to eat the foods that you usually eat but make sure that it does not make you sick. The HCG works best when there is an excessive amount of fat tissue. This is the reason why you have to fill your fat stores so that the HCG can implement its work properly.

How to do the HCG diet Phase 1 successfully?

  • Load on the right foods– Each phase of the HCG diet has different demands or food requirements. This is because the calorie level that is allowed also varies. The right foods for phase 1 are naturally fatty foods or foods with high calories.
  • Start your HCG shot- The HCG shot will help you curb hunger and hunger pains during the VLCD. You have to start having it on day 1 of your loading phase. This is for your body to be ready and the HCG will be fully in your system. It will reset and restart your metabolism.
  • Cut down unhealthy foods and beverages– The unhealthy food choices and beverages are the common reason why you are gaining weight. Allow your body to take rest from constantly receiving unhealthy food ingredients by stopping your intake of these food choices. Remember that unhealthy food choices and process drinks are not allowed for the rest of the phases of the HCG diet.
  • Do not skip this Phase- You are not allowed to proceed to the next phase if you did not accomplish the first phase. It is because if you skip a phase in the HCG diet you will sabotage your weight loss process. The occurrence of hunger and cravings is possible if you skip the loading phase.
  • Get physically active– Physical activities can boost your mental alertness. It can also help in taking off stress and will slowly start to burn your calories. It can also help in maintaining bone and muscle health. Getting physically active can lower your risk of having diseases.
  • Visit your doctor- This is to assess your body if you are ready to lose weight. The result of your medical check-up will be the basis of your weight loss goal. This quick assessment will make sure that you are ready to lose weight and you are clear from pre-existing diseases.

Is the loading day applicable to men?

Yes. It is compulsory to every dieter regardless of gender. The HCG works fair in burning your fats and preserving your muscle. It works regardless of your body type, age, height and gender. HCG is very effective for men since it can enhance the efficiency of testosterone. The testosterone will also be used to burn fats and improves energy level.

Dealing with “All eating” during the loading days of the HCG diet?

The “all eating” means an excessive way of loading that makes you get sick. You are allowed to eat as much as you can, whatever and wherever you want. However, this does not mean that you can eat too much or stuff yourself until you get bloated and sick. To deal with “All eating” during this phase you have to practice portion control. Always remember the major principles for loading days. That is to eat high-fat foods, eat foods with a purpose, and avoid getting to the point of having an upset stomach.

Can you do the loading phase for 3 days?

For such a situation you have to assess yourself first. Are you going to do it because it is badly needed? Or you just want to enjoy the reward and excitement of loading? It is all about how you feel after the 2-day loading. If you feel satisfied, filled and ready then you do not need to extend your loading period. However, in some cases, if you fail to maintain the loading of high-fat foods for 2 days or you see that your body id not yet ready then you can have a 1-day extension.

When do you need to do the extension loading day for the HCG diet?

You do not have to extend your loading if you wake up in the second morning and you feel full and satisfied. However, if you wake up being hungry on the third morning, you are allowed to extend your gorging for 1 day. It is a reasonable thing to do as long as you have the reason to do it. You still have to focus on loading fatty foods to prepare your fat stores. Getting enough fat is the whole point why you do the loading days. Make sure that you proceed to the VLCD prepared and stuffed.

Foods that fill your fats stores in the loading days of the HCG diet

  • Avocados- It is loaded with healthy fats and fiber. It has the power to improve and fill in your fat stores. It has more potassium that supports the blood pressure levels of a dieter.
  • Fatty Fish- It has omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart. It can also improve mental health. This is also a good source of protein.
  • Milk and dairy products- It is a remedy for stress and also associated with high nutritional values. Dairy products as well will help you prepare your fats stores. The calorie level of dairy products is quite good for your loading days.
  • Nuts and olive oil- These lowers blood pressure levels and keeps off stress. Nuts and olive oil are rich in omega 3 fats and vitamins.
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