Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight needs dedication, hard work, and discipline. Focus on what you eat, and maintain a healthy habit. It includes light exercise, cutting down on calorie intake, and maintaining the HCG shots. To keep a healthy weight you have to avoid things that interfere with HCG in dealing with body fats.

Start taking your HCG shots with high fiber and low-calorie foods. Continue taking your shot for three to six weeks depending on your weight loss goal. To keep a healthy weight loss, do not miss any dose of the diet hormone.

Is skipping meals a good idea to keep weight loss during the HCG diet?

Skipping meals cannot help you lose weight, not even during the HCG diet. Skipping meals is one of the causes why you keep on gaining weight. Research shows that you can manage your weight loss well if you will not skip meals. On the HCG diet, you need to cut your food intake but do not skip meals. It plays a vital role in supplying nutrients and energy during rapid weight loss.

Ways to keep a healthy weight while taking HCG shots

  • Set a realistic goal- The first step to the HCG diet is to have realistic goals. Slowly losing the extra weight is healthier than a sudden and drastic weight drop. A gradual weight loss tends to be more able to maintain a healthy weight loss for long. See to it that your daily actions are set to your weight loss goals.
  • Take action– Once you have set realistic goals, put your plans into action. Consider light activities to keep things moving. You do not need to go to gym class or incorporate heavy work. You can do a simple walk in your place every morning after your breakfast tea. Make sure to take your HCG shots before leaving home.
  • Be active- Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking a jog or short-run are fun activities. You can also take fun activities such as cycling. It will make things work and help you maintain a healthy weight loss. If your destination is accessible, just walk instead of riding a car.
  • Manage your diet- The food you eat is vital to keep a healthy weight loss. Having a healthy diet is not always about the kinds of food you eat. It is also about the size of serving you have in every meal. Eat a balanced meal with a serving of protein, fruit, and vegetable on it. Consider having a healthy snack choice such as the HCG diet-approved fruits. It will prevent you from eating large meals because you will never get yourself too hungry.

Follow these few steps to maintain a healthy weight loss. Choose fiber-rich foods instead of carbs and sugar. Avoid industrial meals or your favorite cake and donut in the store. Fill your food storage with fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and fiber. Drink plenty of water to promote the metabolic process.

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