How To Start Exercising On The HCG Diet?

The HCG diet plan does not require exercise but, you can still incorporate them. Keep your workout plan as low intensity as possible to avoid issues with the HCG. You can start incorporating an exercise routine during the second week of your VLCD. If you follow a structured workout plan before the HCG, you can get back to it while using HCG shots.

Ease your way back into exercising by following specific protocols and setting limitations. Avoid doing exercise without preparation because it can cause injury, fatigue, and muscle soreness. The fastest way to lose weight is to combine it with a healthy diet and daily shots of HCG. Ensure that you are maintaining a long-term result to avoid wasting your weight loss efforts.

Here are few tips for starting an exercise routine on the HCG Diet:

  1. Set a realistic timeframe. A reachable timeframe for exercise will help you achieve your expectations. If you make a goal of losing 30 pounds on exercising, do not expect that you will reach it without the HCG. Consider the time frame of the HCG diet and what are the permissible things you can do while using the hormone. Make a reachable goal to avoid failed expectations and frustrations.
  2. Keep your activity in low intensity. Strenuous activities can cause fatigue and affect your progress on the HCG diet. Maintain a low-intensity workout to avoid stress. Light activities can help you speed up fat-burning by increasing your metabolic rate. Nonetheless, the reason for your rapid weight loss is not on the period you spend exercising but because of the HCG. Light exercise keeps your muscle mass and assists the HCG in burning fats.
  3. Start with stretching. Avoid going to the Actual Exercise without stretching your body because it can cause soreness. Stretch before and after exercising to keep your muscles warm. Avoid exercising when you are tired or hungry to avoid stimulating your appetite. You can exercise for at least 10 minutes every session but ensure it will not interfere with your progress on the HCG diet.
  4. Fuel your body. Before starting any physical activities, ensure to eat your meal. On the HCG diet, you can only have a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast. Ensure to energize your body before incorporating other activities to avoid fatigue. If you are a breakfast person, you can eat at least 50 grams of protein, whole fruit, and a cup of coffee. It will help you kick-start your metabolic rate and release energy from the burned fats.

Note On Incorporating an Exercise Routine on HCG Diet:

  • Avoid exercising when you are hungry or tired as it causes fatigue.
  • Avoid exercising when you are not getting enough time to sleep.
  • Ensure that you are hydrating yourself before and after exercise to replace the fluids in your body.
  • Avoid energy drinks, weight loss soda, sugary protein powder, and other processed products.
  • You can exercise three times a week for 15 minutes maximum but, avoid bodybuilding, weight-lifting, and lengthy activities.
  • Maintain the 500 calorie intake on the HCG diet when you exercise.
  • Ensure you load 200 grams of protein every day to avoid muscle loss. Incorporate an exercise routine after you take your HCG shots.
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