An Australian health survey found out that each individual consumes 60 grams of sugar per day. It is equivalent to fourteen teaspoons.  Sugar consumption is one of the reasons for weight gain. It is linked to obesity and diseases such as diabetes, infertility, stroke, and heart disease. You should quit your sugar intake before starting the HCG diet.

How does quitting sugar stop your cravings during the HCG diet?

When you quit sugar, your body functions will start to stabilize. It will improve metabolism and fat loss. Quitting sugar also reduces your intake of calories during the VLCD. Sugar addiction does not settle down as a product of emotional eating. One of the factors of sugar addiction is a biological disorder. It happens when it stimulates the reward center of your brain. Also, it will stimulate cravings and lead to binge eating.

How will quitting sugar help you lose weight?

Quitting sugar help you lose weight by reducing inflammation. It reduces food sensitivity and removes food intolerance. Quitting sugar can help lower your calorie intake and improve your cholesterol levels. Giving up sugar during the HCG diet can help you lose weight even without exercise. When you stop your sugar intake, you allow the HCG to work fast in burning your body fats. It will also help in resetting your metabolism and curb your cravings.

How to quit sugar on the HCG diet?

  • The common way to stop sugar cravings is to end the addictive cycle. You can detoxify from sugar on the HCG diet by following a low-calorie meal routine.
  • Reading food labels is also helpful in quitting sugar. Remove all processed foods in your pantry or storage.
  • Stick with fresh whole foods such as the approved food for your HCG diet. Practice mindful eating to overcome your sugar addiction.
  • Replace sugary snacks and drinks with fresh fruits or you can use stevia as a natural sweetener.
  • Eat good quality protein such as lean beef to help balance your blood sugar levels and lower cravings.
  • If you are experiencing cravings, try to do yoga and relaxation. It will help in improving your mood and reduce the stress that triggers appetite.

What will happen when you quit sugar?

Quitting sugar can result in withdrawal symptoms or you can feel different. Some cases are mood changes, irritability, and restlessness. You can also experience headaches and fatigue due to intense cravings. That is why it is vital to quit sugar before starting your HCG diet. Quit sugar intake slowly by lowering your servings each day until you are comfortable with zero sugar. Quitting sugar early will help you reach your weight loss goal on time.

How HCG diet helps in quitting sugar for good?

The HCG diet is a good stepping stone in quitting sugar. The HCG has a weight set point where it resets your body’s metabolism. The HCG will help in establishing an eating pattern to help you reach your weight loss goal without having sugar. The HCG will help you maintain a consistent metabolism that will burn energy at a rate at which it maintains your set point.

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