In purchasing HCG injections you have to make sure that it is complete. The HCG injection comes with important things such as the diet hormone. There are important things you will need when you mix the HCG for weight loss. Purchase the complete kit so that it will be easy for you to do the mixing. Make sure that you buy the HCG from real HCG providers.

What are the things you need in mixing the HCG for weight loss?

  • 5,000ius vial of HCG- The vial may be a powder or tablet. The HCG powder is white and if it has B12 the color will be pink. Make sure that the HCG is not discolored or contaminated. Buying HCG kits and doses depend on the duration of your Phase 2.
  • Mixing syringe- the mixing syringe will help you hold the mixture. It prevents contamination of the diet hormone. Your mixing syringe must be suitable for the injection.
  • Vial of mixing liquid- the mixing liquid for HCG injection has different colors. You might get a glass vial of clear liquid or a vial of pink liquid. Do not panic when you receive a pink vial because it is safe. The pink vial has B12. You can also receive a vial of bacteriostatic water. Any of these three vials are effective for weight loss. Avoid using all three vials all at once.
  • Alcohol swabs- The alcohol swab is important for cleaning the HCG injection. It is also for cleaning the area of your body where you will insert the injection. Make sure to have alcohol swabs when you are using the HCG injection. It will help in disinfecting the HCG as well as the area of your body.

How to mix the HCG solutions for weight loss?

  • Clean the top of the vial by using the alcohol swabs. You also have to wash your hands before and after mixing. Avoid touching other things and surfaces to prevent contamination.
  • Pull out 5ml of the mixing solutions by using the syringe. Make sure that the needle of the syringe is tight and twist it.
  • Insert the solution into the bottle of the HCG powder. Mix the solution so that the powder will dissolve.
  • Wrap the mixed injection with foil and store it in the refrigerator. Make sure to have the right dose every day for greater weight loss.

How to administer the HCG injection in your body?

  • Clean your hands before holding any of your HCG kits. Using the alcohol swabs, clean the top of the vial.
  • Locate the area of your body where you will insert the injection. The area in your belly is the common part where you can administer the injection.
  • Take one injection syringe out and remove the safety cap. Stick the needle into the bottle and turn the bottle to its correct angle. Pull out the desired dose which is from 125 to 150 in.
  • Pinch the injection site and stick the needle straight into the subcutaneous layer of your skin. Release the dose slowly and safely. The subcutaneous layer of your skin is painless. It will reduce your intimidation with injections.
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