The first thing you will do is to figure out the calories you might need. Figure out also the number of calories you need to cut down in your diet. Next thing is to see if the body is capable to do a calorie restricted diet. The amount of calorie intake must be fit to your weight loss goal as well as the state of the body. It also depends on your height, weight, age and the level of activity you have each day. Ask a weight loss expert, health care professional or a doctor before starting a diet. This is the first step you can do in the HCG diet. Consider if there is any change of the caloric intake for your diet. You cannot do the HCG diet without passing through a thorough check-up.

Every serving count

Always count the calories, no matter how small the amount of the calorie is. It is very important to record everything that you eat and do. You must have a tally of your daily calorie intake. You can keep the record on your HCG diet journal. Following the HCG diet, calorie restriction is a successful way to lose weight. Losing weight through calorie countdown has a positive impact on the body. It may seem tempting to load more on calories. However, you should always remember that you cannot lose weight if you will not cut down calories.

Maintaining the calorie restriction is hard especially when hunger strikes. In some cases, it is not safe especially the 500 calorie diet. But, HCG has designed a 500 calorie diet for rapid weight loss. This is the only safe way of a VLCD because it is done along with the HCG diet hormones. The diet hormones are responsible for curbing hunger and metabolism. It is also responsible for the nutrients and energy supply for the body.

Another thing to improve health through weight loss is:

  • Maintaining the intake of protein—it must be fat-free before cooking
  • Do not drink liquid calorie
  • Stay away from beverages except for water, sugar-free tea, and coffee
  • Throw off the junk foods—eliminate them all at once
  • Watch out from carbs and sugar—review the food packages for safety

You can do these steps even after the HCG diet. You can have portion control, but, do not cut down calories up to 500 calories each day. This is only allowed in the VLCD.

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