Losing weight can be one of the hardest things to implement to the habitual person. It takes motivation, commitment, and discipline. This also involves your whole body’s response to the changes. That only means that doing the HCG diet is all about your willingness to lose weight. This is for you to achieve the rewarding outcome of your weight loss.

The VLCD may seem intimidating at first. However, as soon as the hormone is in your system it will be easy for you to do the VLCD. There will be some occurrence of hunger but it is not severe. The occurrence of hunger is just for a few days because your body is still adjusting to the low-calorie intake.

Lead your body to the result of the weight loss

Instead of falling off the diet protocol, you have to lead your body through. This means that you have to avoid the causes of weight loss struggles. Even though weight is just a number it has still an effect on your body. During this pandemic, it is very important to maintain a healthy weight. This is because losing weight can also curb your risk of diseases that attracts the virus. You have to lead your body to get through the VLCD.

What must be the proper response to hunger during the VLCD?

The HCG is beneficial to your body during the VLCD. The HCG works the opposite way on how other weight loss programs work. It does not cause you extreme hunger, fatigue, loss of energy, and irritability. The HCG will curb hunger and associated hunger pains. This means that you will not feel any hunger at all when you have the proper dose of HCG. That is why it is safe to implement VLCD.

The response during HCG diet and cravings

The HCG will weaken the association between pleasure and cravings. It suppresses your appetite which is why you can get through cravings without involving foods.  The HCG controls dopamine signals it further reduces sugar and carb cravings. The foods that you will be eating during the HCG diet will also improve the feeling of fullness.

What will you do when you are stressed?

Stress is dangerous during a very low-calorie diet. This is because it releases hormones that can lead to natural weight gain. It can also affect your emotions and may trigger your cravings. Learn to deal with high stress levels to avoid emotional eating. When you are stressed you have to find time to sleep or relax. Do not eat foods because you might end up eating too much. Consider yoga, meditation or simply step out from stressful places.

Meal structure during the HCG diet

The meal structure will be new to your body. This is because you will not be eating the same thing as the foods that cause you weight gain. The HCG diet will restructure your meal and eating habits. This only means that you will learn new eating habits. It also allows you to develop an eating discipline and food portion control.

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