Losing weight is one way to improve the state of health. This is because you are prone to diseases if you are overweight or obese. The first step you will do on weight loss is to figure out the exact calories you might need and the calories you need to cut down. The cutting down on calories on the HCG diet is designed to help your body in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Here are common things that help in improving the health

  • Maintaining the intake of protein– Loading of protein must be constant on the HCG diet. It helps in keeping the stomach full and curbs hunger. Protein helps in building tissue and body cells. It can help in maintaining the muscle during the HCG weight loss. The protein choice on the HCG diet must be fat-free before cooking. Remove all the visible fats before you weigh and cook the food.
  • Avoid too many calories– calories are not just found in solid foods. There are also calories that are from drinks. It is known as the liquid calorie. Stay away from beverages such as alcohol, juice, soda, and diet drinks. These are not just loaded with calories but also harmful ingredients that may stop the HCG weight loss. Observe proper portioning of food that does not go beyond the caloric requirements during phase 2.
  • Throw off the junk and processed foods– Eliminate this in your grocery list all at once. These are totally not allowed on the HCG diet because it is the main cause of weight gain. Junk and processed foods are loaded with calories and chemicals. Check all the food packages you have purchased and see if there is sugar or carb content.
  • Watch out for sugar and carbohydrates– During the HCG weight loss, do not eat pasta, bread, and other foods that are loaded with carbs. Sugar and carbs will right away cause weight gain. These are one of the food choices that must not be in the body during the weight loss process.
  • Enjoy whole foods– Organic products are all-natural. This will give a greater chance to improve health. Load more on fruits and vegetables on the HCG diet. Whole foods are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The food choices during the HCG diet are the foods that improve health.
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