Interruptions on the HCG diet happen when you simply stop the VLCD for a reason. This process comes with a guide to help you avoid any weight gains during the period. Interruptions on the HCG diet are only allowed for emergency purposes. This is not allowed when you just want to have a fun break from the very low-calorie diet. You have to be careful in implementing this process because you are at risk of gaining weight.

When is the right time to do interruptions on HCG diet phase 2?

Interruptions are done only after your first 23 HCG injections. This means that you can do this after your 3 weeks of VLCD. If you do this abruptly you are more likely to gain back several pounds. Make sure that the HCG hormone has fully reset your hypothalamus to avoid problems in the future.

Purpose of HCG diet interruptions

The purpose of taking interruptions is when you need to travel. Travelling makes you busy and may take your full attention to the VLCD. Instead of stopping the HCG diet abruptly, you just have to do the interruption period. This is also allowed when you have health concerns that need emergency medical attention. You can get back to the HCG diet phase 2 as soon as you are done. You just have to make sure that you are not gaining weight during interruptions.

How an interruption on the HCG diet is done?

  • Get off the HCG you usually would- Use the 72 hours to stop the HCG. Wait for 72 hours before your shift to a new eating style. Plan this process carefully and keep track of your weight every day.
  • Eat up to 800 calories per day- During the break you are allowed to increase your calorie intake. Consuming 500 calories per day without HCG is dangerous. Shift your meal portion from 500 calories to 800 per day in the meantime. You only have to eat food when you are hungry.
  • Follow the Phase 3 style of loading foods– Your 800 calorie meal must be safe from sugar, carbs, and oils. You can increase your calorie intake and add more food choices. However, you still have to follow the diet protocol. Stick to the Phase 3 way of loading to be able to maintain your current weight.

What will you do in case you gain weight during the interruption period?

You have to get out of the hook. This is not about the emergency reasons why you took interruptions. The reason why you are gaining weight is that you get comfortable in eating more calories. Do not overindulge during this period because it will be hard for you to go back to your diet track.

Drink more water to flush out food chemicals that cause you to gain weight. You can also do the fruit day or the steak day when you notice that you are gaining weight. Get back to the diet track as soon as your weight normalizes. Take note that you still have to reach your weight loss goal through the HCG diet protocol.

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