Planning to fight cravings is a good starting. You can have your get-away plan in the time of cravings. There are a lot of actions you can do to stay away from cravings on the HCG diet. Stick yourself on the diet by overcoming them. You must learn to fight back. Be on your full armor as you stand against cravings. Know that cravings only last for 20 minutes. The worst craving is usually gone in a few minutes. Remind yourself that it only lasts for a few minutes. You can make it!

The source of cravings

The main thing you can do is to seek the source of cravings. If you’re bored, you get crave. In such situations find ways to be busy with other things. If the foods are in your brain, try to replace them and think of your body goals. There are lots of ways to kick it off! Most of it is caused by loneliness, stress, and emotions. If you are lonely, you can connect with your friend. Find time to relax if you feel stress. Look for a place where you can reflect on your own. Inhale the best and exhale the stress.  If you find the source of the craving, you got a lot more power to control it.

Control Stress and Craving

Stress is a powerful emotional thing that triggers cravings on the HCG diet. Food cravings arise to satisfy the needs of the emotion. Remove stress by overcoming them. Avoid stress as you avoid cravings. To control stress you need to close your eyes. Start to breathe in and out slowly and clear your minds. Focus on breathing for 30 seconds. You can also do this for 10 minutes. This is an effective way to tear down stress and cravings.

Ways to avoid Craving

  • Avoid getting hungry- Do not wait to get extremely hungry. Eat at mealtime with the exact amount of foods. Hunger is the reason why we experience cravings. Avoid long periods of hunger by preparing food ahead of time. This can prevent the craving from showing up all the time.
  • Distance yourself from foods- The best way to avoid cravings is to distance yourself from them. Take a walk or make yourself busy into something. Stay away from the tempting foods.
  • Eat Proteins- HCG has allowed some list of proteins for the HCG diet. It lowers the appetite thus, keeps you from overeating. Protein can help in craving and keeps you satisfied for a bit longer. Make sure that the proteins are fat-free and it follows the VLCD.

When the craving is gone you get to know the thing behind it. You will see the reasons why you are or not successful in it before. Cravings are the tough times of the diet. Believe that you an overcomer and you can do it!

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