VLCD is a no-carb and sugar diet plan on HCG. This is a replacement for dietary foods. This is commonly used to treat obesity. VLCD on the HCG diet provides 500 calories per day. This consists of protein, vitamins, minerals and etc., for rapid weight loss. This has been showing its effectiveness in the management of obese patients. This can shift the whole body towards the calories intake. It utilizes the fat stores as the source of energy while it is burned. This will result in a successful diet goal.

This is designed to replace the old intake of food. It provides meat and nutrients for the daily requirements of the body. VLCD without the HCG hormones will cause severe effects. However, this is safe along with the HCG hormones. Before starting the diet makes sure that your body is totally healthy. Each dieter must be medically assessed by the professionals before doing the diet. HCG can give a great weight loss. VLCD is also known as the heart of the HCG diet.

Things you must do in HCG’s VLCD

  • Eat when you are hungry- This means that you do not have to eat all the time. Determine the type of hunger. Is it emotional or physical hunger? Do not give in to emotional hunger. This can cause you to fall in overeating or emotional eating. Emotional eating is not allowed on the HCG diet.
  • Follow the HCG meal plan- Stick on the track of the diet. HCG has provided guide and meal plan for the dieters. This is needed to avoid too much portion of food. The HCG meal plan is important not just on VLCD but also in the entire diet.
  • Do not make yourself starve- Starvation and hunger are different. However, they have an equal effect on the body. You can grab snacks if you feel hungry in between meals. Do not deprive yourself of enjoying foods. HCG is not a depriving diet. However, you must be very careful about calorie counting.
  • Do not cheat- this is the most famous enemy of many diet protocol. Cheating is totally banned in the HCG diet. One slip can cause a disaster of the work of the hormones in the body. There are many ways to stay full even in a VLCD. One thing is to make sure to have the exact dose of the HCG hormones. The HCG is the one that suppresses hunger.

Challenge yourself to step out of your situation. It is not yet too late to decide and start the HCG diet. You can be healthy and may have a longer life. The only key is to change the lifestyle. Chose the HCG diet now and reach for your goal.

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