Phase 4 of the HCG diet is known as the maintenance program. This is when a dieter is allowed to take a minimum amount of sugar and carbs. This is done until the intended goal is reached. Phase 4 is when you maintain the weight loss by yourself. This is means that your body weight depends on the food choices you made. Know that the diet is totally finished, keep the pounds off forever. You have to practice the self-discipline. Everything that the HCG diet taught you must be applied throughout your new life. HCG has been popular to many people because of its work. This is a simple and health friendly process that shed off pounds rapidly.
Maintenance phase does not totally require caloric restrictions. However, you should still be watchful on the food choices that you made. Remember that without proper eating discipline you will gain weight. Avoid creating bad habits or overeating. Stay away from all the unhealthy foods forever. Your new weight loss must be preserved in a lifetime. Do not just lose weight and gain it back because of bad choices. There are two choices in this Phase. You may complete the weight loss or restart a new cycle. Completing the diet means you are free to introduce foods such as sugar and carbs. Restarting a new cycle is for those who want to continue losing weight more than their goal.
You will need 30 days to restart the weight loss again. In the 30 days break you have to continue eating healthy foods. No sugar and carbs allowed. You are also required to double the exercise you are doing. Preparing for this round does not require HCG hormones. You can cook meals that are in the HCG diet food list. Phase 4 is when you give the body permission to eat normal foods. This is not returning the old life. It is living a new life, which means this will last for a lifetime.

Phase 4 tips
• Live a stress-free life—Find time to relax yourself
• Avoid too much food— make sure to load on healthy foods
• Remember the HCG tips from Phase 1 until now
• Concentrate on good vibes—live a good life
• Do not overindulge on sugars and carbs
• Enjoy healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle
Always remember that Phase 4 is the “Forever” phase. Do not even think of returning to your old lifestyle. Do not ever look back on the unhealthy food that you used to indulge before. Your body is now totally trained from all the Phases before. Enjoy every treat and do not deprive yourself. Monitor your weight regularly. Live longer as you maintain the new weight loss.

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