Each of the HCG phases has a diet plan with meal recipes. These are selected carefully for each stage. The recipes run from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. There are also dessert suggestions that you may enjoy. HCG has also preferred drinks and seasonings for the best taste.

Brace yourself in the HCG journey. Prepare your inner and outer self. Lay your weight loss quest. Prepare for the revelation of the secrets.

The secrets:

  • Stick to the diet- Once you chose HCG for your diet, you have to live with it. Don’t worry it is not hard to be on track. Instead, it is enjoyable and life learning. The purpose of sticking to the diet is to help you reach your goal swiftly. Sticking the track is a visible fact yet it is been ignored. HCG interacts with the body for significant weight loss. Obviously, it cannot work without your cooperation. Do not sabotage the diet by loading up sugar and carbs. It will rinse away all the efforts that you have. Never ever take a bite or even a little bit.
  • Do not wait when hunger calls you- waiting until you starve. This is the common mistake of dieters. They only eat when they feel like starving. Eat your meal before you starve. This will keep you from eating impulsively. Cook or prepare foods ahead of time. This will save you from over-timed preparation.
  • Drinking water and using water-based cosmetics- Water is the limitless thing in the HCG diet. It detoxifies the body. Water gives you a fresh and easy feeling. It energizes the body and curbs away cravings. Water-based cosmetics are also good. They are used to hydrate the skin and give more radiance. Water-based cosmetics improve the elasticity of the skin after losing fat. It maintains the natural beauty of the skin after burning extra pounds.
  • Meditation/Relaxing- Clearing your mind and releasing the stress. This gives focus and motivation in achieving the goal. Quiet time is a great help during the diet duration. Maybe you are haunted by discouragements; this will be your time to release. Find your inner peace. You can do this every day before sleeping or during the day. Sometimes you need to let go and take a walk on the calm side. Relaxing will make you take time to review your goals. It will improve your determination and focus. Thus, results in a better outcome.

HCG diet is not a dungeon but a free place. This is the moment that you step out and free yourself. Reveal every secret and set it free. In short, reveal your struggles and let them go. Set your goals now and lose weight through HCG.

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