The maintenance phase of the HCG diet is the most rewarding step. This is when you lose weight successfully and reset your metabolism. However, the challenge does not end in the line of the maintenance phase. This is because you will be dealing with new challenges for your weight loss. You still have to maintain your weight loss goal without gaining weight. This is the moment that you will add more food choices without gaining weight. This is a crucial part of the HCG diet because your body is resetting back to normal metabolism.

It is important to know that the maintenance phase is not anymore about weight loss. This is all about guiding your body for a new routine, new habits, and new eating style. You have to successfully do this to be able to completely be free from the protocol of the HCG diet. You can add more food choices but you still have to be cautious in your caloric intake. Remain cautious and not slip back into your old eating habits.

Caloric intake during the maintenance phase of the HCG diet

Increase your caloric intake slowly so your body adjusts and you do not gain back the weight that you have lost. The usual calorie intake allowed during this moment is 800 to 1000 per day. Keep a food journal to be able to track down your intake of calories. You can record everything that you eat so you can watch how your body reacts to any new foods. You also have to record your daily weigh-in. Stick to safe foods for safe intake of food calories. Safe foods are found in the HCG diet food list. You also have to watch out for carbs and any forms of sugar and fats. These foods are still not allowed during this phase.

The foods you can eat in maintaining weight loss on the HCG diet

  • Apples- It is an excellent weight loss aid that helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Apples are also great in regulating your cholesterol levels. It has low calories which are good during the very low-calorie diet. Apples are also helpful in regulating good bacteria in your gut during the HCG diet.
  • Hard-boiled eggs- Eggs help in lowering your intake of calories for the entire day. It will help you in meal planning during the weight loss stabilization. Hard-boiled eggs also help in boosting your metabolic rate during the HCG diet. Hard-boiled eggs can also lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Kale- Eating kale can prevent you from consuming too many calories. Kale has high levels of fiber and another important nutrient for weight loss. The fiber in kale helps in stabilizing your blood sugar. Kale also belongs to the most nutrient-dense food for weight loss.
  • Almonds- Eat a handful of almonds to stay satisfied until your last meal. The healthy fats, fiber, and protein in almonds keep your metabolism and digestion at work. It lowers hunger and is high in antioxidant that protects your body cells. It has high magnesium that improves your metabolic rate.
  • Grapefruit and oranges– Eating grapefruit and oranges aids in weight loss and it has powerful antioxidants. Orange and grapefruit charge up your metabolism. Thus, allows burning more stubborn fats in your body. These are also helpful in burning bad cholesterol.

These foods are the best option to control your hunger. Take note that hunger can swipe all your efforts in weight loss if you respond to it unhealthily. However, you do not have to worry a lot about controlling hunger. It is because some ways and techniques would help you deal with hunger during the maintenance phase. You can do it without gaining extra weight in the maintenance phase.

Hunger on the HCG diet is natural and can come in an unexpected time. However, it is already controlled during the VLCD. This is because of how the diet hormone works in burning your fats. You may get hungry but your body has already a routine on how to respond to it. However, you still have to do something about it right away. You must not allow hunger to last for a long time. Prolonged hunger might cause stress and unhealthy loading on the next mealtime.

What causes hunger during the HCG diet maintenance phase?

Failure to maintain a diet routine can cause a possibility that you will slip. Having a routine has various benefits in keeping off hunger and cravings. Hunger is also sometimes caused by high-stress levels. Stress has a negative effect on your body, especially in your eating style. Too many calories can also cause hunger and cravings. If you exceed the limit of the intake of calories you will surely gain weight.

How to deal with hunger during the HCG diet?

  • Drink water- If you feel hungry you have to drink water and wait for 20 minutes. This is because water will keep your stomach full. Water will also help in staving off the food toxins that trigger hunger.
  • Choose healthy food choices- Healthy food choices are fresh products such as fruits and vegetables. The healthy food choices will supply all the nutrient needs of your body even after the HCG diet. The fresh and organic products are more nutritious than the usual food that you indulge.
  • Load more on protein– The lean meats are rich in vitamins, and properties that promote fullness. It can also deal with hunger and cravings. It will keep you full longer and maintains bone and muscle health.
  • Prepare yourself fully – Being fully prepared will help you focus on your weight loss and keep off from slipping. Part of your preparation is having a realistic weight loss goal. The weight loss goal will be your driving force and will serve as your motivation to do more on your weight loss process.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods- These are the common cause why you crave or get hunger pains to form time to time. Unhealthy foods are loaded with various chemicals and other industrial ingredients that will stop you from losing weight. It can also trigger diseases that will affect your health.
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