The Freedom Phase

This is known as “the rest of your life’s phase”. Phase 4 of the HCG diet is when your weight has become stable. You will slowly introduce starch and sugar back. You may have some bread and a chocolate bar on the other day. However, this is not a green light to go ahead and gorge. Start slowly and don’t go binging. Keep an eye on your body. These are things that your body needs to get used to. There will be a time that your body may react to this.

Put in mind the things that you have lost and gained. How would you maintain them? Keeping the weight is for your whole life benefit. Be aware of the types of food that you are going to eat. Phase 4 is when you enhance your flexibility. You are able to make choices of your own.  Always remember the following:

  • Maintain what you have gained
  • Create a proper plan for your body
  • Add lean body form and ripped muscles

Set this as your goal and have a unique eating habit. Follow the right manner of eating. You can create good eating choices. Stay away from all the processed food. Carbs and sugars must be introduced slowly. Always remember that steak day is for the stability of the weight.

The Stabilization Session

Restrict big indulgences until the weight is steady. Eat good fats, and check the labels of the food. You can also alternate Phases 3 and 4 to maintain balance. In the case of hunger, eat veggies and high-fiber fruits. Drink plenty of water as you exercise. Monitor your weight every day. Do a steak day if needed.

Important tips

  • Make sure to weigh every day
  • If you gain weight, do a steak day
  • Do not go back to your unhealthy eating habits
  • Maintain weight loss by drinking 2 liters of water each day
  • Your goal is to eat fresh foods

Maintaining weight is important. A bad eating habit may lead you to weight gain. Make this a lifestyle. An eating plan of the HCG diet is a healthy way of life. Eat fresh or locally grown foods. HCG taught you not just to diet but to be healthy. You will be educated and free. HCG diet will make you learn a lot. You will notice that you do not crave bad foods.

Choose the items with less sugar. Pick the healthier side. Slowly and slowly eat carbs and sugar. Give your body time to adjust. Record all the food that you take. Phase 4 is the final three weeks of your HCG journey. Follow this consistently and lose 15 to 30 pounds in a month.

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