Exercise is not a routine to force someone to follow. You can perform this regularly or not. You can also incorporate this as one of your habits. When you incorporate exercise you have to do your best to stick it. You can make this part of your daily routine on the HCG diet. The original protocol for Phase 2 of the HCG diet does not permit extreme exercise. However, you can do light and easy exercises such as yoga and walk. It will help you shake off extra calories and maintain muscle health.

Incorporating exercise on your routine in Phase 2 of the HCG diet

  • Start it gradually When you incorporate an exercise routine you have to start them slowly. Do not incorporate it excessively or doing it too much. Take note that you will be only eating 500 calories per day.  When you have too much exercise you will end up consuming too much energy and makes you feel hunger and cravings.
  • Find activities that fit you- Some activities such as weightlifting and strenuous work out are dangerous for you. You cannot do heavy and extreme exercise on Phase 2 of the HCG diet. Not only because it consumes energy but also ruins your entire weight loss. You have to find activities that can work for you. You can try cycling, running, swimming, push-ups, or walking. Avoid enrolling in gym sessions because most of the activities there can affect your weight loss.
  • Check your progress- It is very important if there is positive progress or not. To track your progress with exercising you have to weigh yourself every day. If you are losing weight it only means that the exercise does not affect the HCG. However, when you see some gains or stall you must end your exercise routine.  Check your progress by listing down your pre-exercise status per week.  Some of the progress in incorporating exercise during the VLCD is having leaner muscle.
  • Avoid rewarding yourself with foods- You can have a reward from hard work as long as it does not involve food. You can treat yourself to a movie day or spa day. Avoid rewarding yourself with food because you might earn too many calories. You can also relax your mind and body by clearing your schedules and spend time for yourself. The reason why you have to avoid foods is that you are on a low-calorie intake.

Can light exercise stimulate your appetite?

Light exercise cannot stimulate your appetite when you do it right. If you spend too much on exercising it will stimulate your appetite. Too much exercise can also consume your energy levels or lead to high-stress levels. You have to be careful with its effect especially when you are having your HCG shots.

Is exercising a part of the HCG protocol?

No. It is not part of the protocol but you can incorporate it. Having an exercise routine can help you stay active. It also improves bone, joints, and muscle health. You can exercise once you are not tired or hungry.   

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