The first thing that you give most of your attention to weight loss is the foods you eat. It’s because when you want to lose weight you have to be wise with your food choices. Having healthy food options plays a big role especially during the VLCD of the HCG diet. Taking the HCG shots every day must be coupled with nutritious and low-calorie foods. These are keys to making your weight loss program work more effectively.

To make healthier food options you have to change your habits on the HCG diet. If you still follow your old habits, it will be difficult for you to lose weight. It’s because bad habits make things worst especially unhealthy food choices. You have to set realistic goals and follow the diet protocol at all costs. Focus on making changes instead of setting your eyes on the possible distractions on your weight loss. Obey the protocol to be able to make your journey more manageable.

What to consider when making healthier choices on the HCG diet?

Consider visiting your doctor before taking any step on the VLCD. Have a brief physical assessment with your doctor or dietician to be able to see if you are ready for weight loss. This step will help you avoid compromising your health. You can ask your dietician on how many servings should you eat from each food group.

How to make healthier choices during the HCG diet?

  • Find out what you need- On HCG diet Phase 2 you will need only 500 calories per day. This only means that you do not need too much to be able to lose weight. Find some foods that have a lower calorie content. You can also refer to the HCG diet food list for more healthy and safe food choices.
  • Enjoy your foods- The daily intake of 500 calories on P2 does not mean you are being deprived. You can still enjoy delicious and HCG diet-safe meals. You have to understand that the VLCD will help in improving the effects of HCG on your body. The VLCD is not causing you nutritional deficiency but it improves eating discipline.
  • Maintain the proper servings of food- You can have exact food servings from each food group during the VLCD. For protein choice, you can have at least 200 grams per day. You can also have 2 servings of fruits and vegetables for the whole day. Maintain the proper intake of 500 calories per day for greater weight loss.
  • Avoid the processed foods- You cannot just get the 500 calories from any foods that you want. It’s because the HCG diet does not allow any processed foods. You are not allowed to eat deep-fried foods, preserved foods, dried foods, and other foods that contain a long list of ingredients.

When you commit to a healthy weight loss you are reducing your risk of having diseases. Losing weight through the HCG diet can help you curb the effects of unhealthy foods on your body. It can also reduce your risk of having diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. This is done through the help of maintaining your HCG shots.

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