Meal planning is a healthy approach to managing your meals during the HCG diet. You can create your HCG meal plan that is effective for a week or entire month. Planning your meal will help in the success of your diet. It will also help you in meeting the nutritional needs of your body. Meal planning is also a way of controlling calories through food portioning.

Meal planning strategy during the HCG diet

  • Create a menu

Choose various kinds of foods in the HCG diet food list. Plan a healthy meal and make sure that you are getting the right amount of each food. Create your recipe that fits the caloric and nutritional requirements for the HCG diet. You also have to find out the ingredients you will need in each menu.

Aim to have different kinds of recipe and make sure to save your money. Look for a meal than can be stored for a long time without adding preservatives. However, do not create a meal plan that includes various unhealthy food ingredients. Stay away from sugar, carbs and unhealthy fats during your HCG diet. Create a menu effectively for greater weight loss success.

  • Store foods in your refrigerator

You must know how to handle leftovers and consider food safety in storing them. Prepare and store healthy food choices. You can use your refrigerator or freezer in storing your meat, fruits and vegetable. You can grab easily the foods in your refrigerator as soon as you get physical hunger. Storing foods is one way of meal planning to avoid prolonged hunger.

You can store diced tomatoes and other vegetable choices with exact portion. You can also store fresh HCG fruits, meat, fish and other protein choices. However, do not store dried fruits and canned vegetables. You are also not allowed to store up processed meats because it contains chemicals, flavorings, and food preservatives that can cause weight gain.

  • Keep a grocery list with you

It is always important to have a list of the allowed food on the HCG diet. Your food list will serve as your reference with your grocery and meal planning. Keeping a list will help you in buying the right kinds of food you will need. This will prevent you from buying unhealthy food choices.

Keep a copy of the food list in your purse or on your phone. Check regularly your food storage. It will help you know when you will be doing your grocery shopping. Make sure to purchase the foods that are only allowed for the HCG diet. Do not purchase too much food to avoid too much expense.

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