Commitment is needed to start the HCG diet. Starting the HCG diet with a whim might work. However, it is better to do it in full preparation. Prepare yourself for changes and weight loss. Set your mind and self to focus on the diet protocol. Correct your mindset about how you perceive foods. Preparing yourself incorporates better changes for a lifetime. You have to prepare your mental focus and be ready for planning and decision-making.

If you are mentally prepared you can immediately create a realistic weight loss goal. It is also the best time to plan for the entire diet duration. Being mentally prepared is also being ready for every single thing. It keeps you out from failing of your diet. Always remember that HCG works properly in your body if you are physically and mentally prepared. Create more strategies in countering weight gain or selfish food cravings.

HCG diet helps in detoxifying your body as you burn fats

The HCG diet detoxifies your body from unhealthy food ingredients. It deals with food chemicals that cause diseases and weight gain. HCG diet is the time to give your body a break from constantly receiving unhealthy food chemicals. It will take off the effect of sugar, carbs, food preservatives and oils. Loading on to healthy food choice promotes detoxification. It is also helpful in promoting weight loss.

How to successfully start the HCG diet?

  • Set realistic weight loss goal

You need an achievable weight loss goal for the HCG diet. You do not need a random number just to have a goal. Setting a weight loss is a goal that must be planned and also be according to your limitations. Figure out your body weight to know how long you would do the HCG diet. The duration of your HCG diet depends on how many pounds you want to lose. You cannot stop it right away or go beyond your goal. Setting a weight loss goal is also the time to plan your meal for your weight loss.

  • Commit to finishing the process

Your commitment to the HCG diet will be your motivation to finish the process. A full commitment will help you reach your desired weight loss goal. Follow the HCG diet protocol that serves as a guide to succeeding. You also have to give your time and effort. This will also help you in transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.

Strategy for meal planning during the HCG diet

Strategy #1 Create a menu

You can choose foods from the HCG diet food list. The food list will be your reference for creating a menu. Do not create a meal plan that is not on the HCG diet food list. Your menu must fit into the caloric requirements during the HCG diet. Remember that each phase of the HCG diet has different caloric requirements. The most important phase that you must track is the VLCD or phase 2. Stay away from foods that have high calories and other harmful ingredients. Track each food label before cooking or purchasing.

Strategy #2 Keep your foods properly

Handle leftovers and always choose to keep safety. You can store your food in a refrigerator and avoid adding preservatives. You can store lean meat, fresh vegetables, and even fruits. This is to keep from running to the market or grocery store. Storing foods will save your time, energy and money. You can instantly have something for snacking to counter prolonged hunger. Fruits can be a good choice of HCG snack, especially during the P2. Store a diced tomato or another vegetable with each corresponding portion. This will help you not to take longer in measuring or portioning.

Strategy #3 Keep a grocery list

One of the most important things that you must not neglect is the diet food list. This will serve as your reference in planning your meal and also in grocery shopping. Your food list will guide you in choosing the foods that will help you lose weight. You can have a copy of the food list on your phone, wallet or computer. This is to keep you reminded that you are on a diet and you must be careful. Purchase the foods that are only allowed during the HCG diet.

Strategy #4 Learn to eat mindfully

Eat with the intent to keep your body nourished. Do not eat out of extreme emotions, boredom or stress because it will cause weight gain. You have to focus on what you eat and track what you eat. This is simple to maintain a healthy weight loss. Weight loss is not an easy journey. However, being mindful can help you reach your weight loss goal. Stay away from the foods that negatively impact not just your weight but also your health.

Brief tips to succeed in the HCG diet

  • Load properly on loading days- You have to focus on loading healthy fats during the loading days. It will prepare your fat stores for a very low-calorie diet. Do not neglect the loading days because it plays an important role in your weight loss goal.
  • Maintain the calorie intake during the VLCD- Do not go beyond the 500 calorie requirements. You are only allowed to have a 500 calorie meal during the VLCD. This is to help you adapt to new eating habits and lifestyle. Stay away from sugar, carbs and other harmful food ingredients during this phase.
  • Maintain the HCG shot- the HCG shot will help in reaching the hard to reach areas in your body. It burns stubborn fats, curbs hunger and resets your metabolic rate. Administer the HCG shot at the same time each day to avoid weight loss delay.
  • Slowly add foods after the VLCD- Give your body a time to transition from VLCD to stabilization. Introduce more food choices slowly because most of the foods are new to your body. Give your body time to process and digest more foods. You still have to stay away from foods that are high in sugar, fats, and carbohydrates.
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