Mistakes that People Make on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet plan is effective in staving off excess fats in your body. The allowable amount of foods o the second phase of the HCG diet is 500 calories per day. You begin with following the diet protocol for successful weight loss. Take the HCG shots as a combination of the VLCD to shed pounds.

Errors are usual even to successful dieters because food temptations are influential. Even the protocol is straightforward, lots of people are still struggling to control their appetite. If slips can happen to other people, they can also happen to you but, you should worry less.

The Common Mistakes that People do on the HCG Diet

  • Using the wrong spices that include sugar, oils, starch, and other ingredients stimulates appetite.
  • Avoid using all types of oil when you cook your foods on the HCG diet. The oil contains saturated fats that contribute to the deposition of excess calories. Stick to approved cooking methods on the HCG diet.
  • You fail to prepare your fat stores during the loading days of the HCG diet. It can lead to weight loss issues during the second phase of the HCG diet. Ensure you get high-fat foods on loading days before proceeding to Phase 2.
  • You are mixing vegetables in one serving. Vegetables have different levels of calories and, combining them in one sitting may affect the VLCD.
  • You drink diet soda and sugary beverages. The word “diet” in the soda does not mean that it is a healthy treat for the HCG diet. Take note that it contains sugar and other ingredients that interfere with the HCG.
  • You fail to weigh each food portion during the VLCD. You cannot maintain the 500 calorie meal if you will not assess foods before cooking. Weighing is vital to the meat choices to avoid going beyond 500 calories per day.
  • Too much exercise or high-intensity training causes weight gain. It is because, on the VLCD, you are only eating enough calories for your body to function. When you add extra activities, it may consume your energy and causes fatigue. As a result, you eat lots of food to compensate for the energy loss.
  • Dining out in restaurants and buffet increases your calorie intake. The foods that they serve in restaurants are not diet-friendly. Most of the items contain oil, butter, heavy creams, salt, and sugar.
  • You use cosmetic products that contain animal fat and heavy creams on the HCG diet. Your skin absorbs oils from lotions and cosmetics that you are using on the HCG diet. Your body absorbs everything that you apply to your skin.

How to avoid mistakes on the HCG Diet?

Be familiar with the HCG diet protocol because it serves as your guide to reach your goal. It consists of the allowable items on the entire weight loss program. Set a realistic weight loss goal to have a deeper motivation when food temptations try to overpower your will. Avoid restricting yourself too much as it increases the feeling of deprivation and loss of inspiration to continue.

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