Other Progress on the HCG Diet Aside from What is Visible in the Scale

It is always a part of your daily routine during weight loss to weigh yourself every day. Weighing will help you track your progress and determine when there are slips. It will help you gauge weight loss results and prevent rebound weight gain. Nonetheless, some cases are frustrating when there are no visible outcomes on the scale.

There are some cases that the result of the scale is a lie. It does not show the overall progress of the weight loss. The scale does not measure that fat percentage, muscle mass, fitness, and health stability. To avoid frustration, ensure that you stick to the diet protocol. It will prevent you from slipping out of your diet track.

Other progress that is not visible on the scale during the HCG Diet:

  1. HCG can increase energy levels. The HCG burns fats and converts them into fuel. Your body will use the energy to continue functioning. It can give wellness and vitality during the VLCD.
  2. HCG can reduce your risk of weight-related diseases. Weight loss keeps you out of the range of health risks. It helps in lowering cholesterol and sugar levels. The HCG does not only work in burning your fats, and it can also reduce weight-related diseases.
  3. HCG can increase your muscle mass. It can help you get rid of your fats without harming your lean muscle. During the VLCD, the HCG will increase the firmness and tone of your muscle mass. It also results in increasing your metabolism during the fat-burning phase.
  4. It suppresses your appetite. If you are struggling with your food indulgences, the HCG can help you manage your food appetite. VLCD can cause extreme hunger. Ensure that you are administering your HCG shots to control your hunger.
  5. HCG can balance your hormones. The HCG resets your system and renews your hormones. Hormonal imbalances and some symptoms of PCOS affect your weight. . It will also help you manage anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, and other signs of PCOS.
  6. It helps you establish healthy habits. During the second phase of the HCG diet, you will shift to a new lifestyle. It will help you make better choices with foods and other factors that affect your weight. The HCG diet protocol helps maintain food portioning and controlling your calorie intake.

Weight Loss Fluctuations Are Visible in the Scale

These often occur when you have menstruation or when you slip on the protocol. Water retention due to menstruation causes fluctuation but, it will be gone when your period is over. Some fluctuations are also due to the changes in glycogen stores. It is typical during the first week of the VLCD. These fluctuations will be gone as soon as the HCG spreads in your system.

What will you do when your Weight is Fluctuating?

Avoid eating sugar, carbs, and fatty foods to prevent weight gain. Stick to the permissible food choices during the HCG diet. Track your weight every day and establish a balance between your calorie intake and the hormone. You can also incorporate some exercise but ensure that it will not interfere with your progress on the HCG diet.

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