P3 of The HCG Diet

Phase three is also known as the maintenance phase. This is the most rewarding stage of your HCG diet. Phase three is the final stage of the HCG Protocol. You have lost weight and reset your metabolism successfully. It’s time to gradually raise your caloric intake.

Keeping the weight off during the HCG Phase 3

Now, you hit the goal of your diet. It is time to learn the ways to maintain weight loss. You can maintain it with healthy eating habits. Phase three is about keeping the weight.

Increasing the Calorie Intake

Build up your calorie after the 500 calorie diet during phase 2. This will be the time to have 800 to 1000 calories per day. Keep a food journal when you first change to Phase three. This will help you track your caloric intake. In this Phase, you must stick to vegetables, fruits, and protein.

Watch out for Carbs

Be careful of the types of carbohydrates that you include in your diet.  You should eat a few carbohydrates that come from sugar and grains. These may cause a risk to your newly attained weight loss. Many people are addicted to carbs. Once you eat rice, bread, potatoes, or pastries you will start to crave more. Avoid simple carbs and focus on fruits, proteins, and vegetables. This will make your body adjust continuously.

Rest rejuvenate the body

During Phase Three, the body will recover from the low-calorie diet. Let your body rejuvenate and rest with a good night’s sleep.  Tiredness will cause an energy boost from food. Additional food may add to your energy but they also add up your weight.

Determining Calories

Plan your meals each day. Planning can help you control the calorie you will take per meal. Your meal daily meal should only have 800 to 1000 calories. Increasing your calorie slowly will help you maintain your weight. Your body will be able to adjust the added calories.


  • Do not eat sugar or starches for 3 weeks
  • Eat to hunger
  • Take calories slowly
  • Introduce dairy fats and nuts slowly
  • Maintain your weight within 2 pounds
  • If your weight increases do a “steak day”
  • If your weight goes above 2lbs Start 3 week phase 3 again
  • Follow an exact phase 3 program


  • The do-able way- Follow the basic principle of phase 3 of the HCG Diet. Be willing to make corrections and see how it goes
  • The best way- This is the roller-coaster aspect out of the three phases
  • The not-going to work way- Do not take phase 3 seriously if you will just gain the weight back
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