HCG diet is designed for you to lose weight naturally. It keeps your metabolism at a high level. HCG helps in controlling your appetite and curbs hunger. The HCG acts directly on your body fats and leaves your muscle mass behind. This is administered every day along with a 500 calorie intake per day. This stage of the HCG diet is known as Phase 2 or the VLCD.

Losing weight is not on top at all times. There are also cases that you can experience struggles. No matter how religiously you follow the guide you can still encounter struggles. One of the struggles that occur during the HCG diet is a weight loss plateau. This is common somewhere on 25th to 35th day in phase 2. There are effective techniques in busting some weight loss plateau during Phase 2.

What causes a weight loss plateau?

Weight loss plateau occurs when the calorie you eat is equal to the calorie your body burns. It is also when you accidentally or purposely eat unhealthy foods. Some cases are also because your metabolic rate declines for natural reasons.

HCD diet approve plateau busting techniques

  • The “Apple a day”

This is also known as the fruit day. This is done when you have the same weight for 3 days. Apple day is done by eating nothing at lunch. Do not eat anything except for 6 medium apples. Have it until midnight on the same day or lunchtime on the following day. You are only allowed to have water during this process. You can stop the fruit day once you see some difference on the scale.

  • HCG Steak day

This is another HCG diet approved plateau busting technique. You can do this when you maintain the same weight result for 3 successive days. The “steak day” will kick start your metabolic rate and allows your body to burn calories. You are only allowed to have coffee, tea, and water while waiting for your dinner. Serve a large piece of steak at dinner. You can also add 1 apple or tomato. Resume to your routine as soon as you see changes in your weight.

Safe ways to deal with weight loss plateau on P2 of the HCG diet

  • Ditch out carbs and sugar- These are not allowed during the VLCD. Carbs and sugar can cause weight gain or plateau. Review your food choices and clear your food storage from carbs and sugar.
  • Track everything you eat- You will need a diet journal for this. You have to list down all the foods that you eat including the portions. It will help you determine the cause of the weight loss plateau. Track your food intake from protein, vegetables, and fruit choices.
  • Manage your stress- Stress has a negative impact you your weight loss. It increases the hormones that stimulate your appetite. Manage your stress by having good sleep and relaxation.
  • Eat more fiber- High value of fiber is found mostly in green and leafy vegetables. Fiber normalizes digestion and bowel movements. It is also filling and can help in curbing hunger.
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