HCG diet phase 1 is the preparation part for the entire HCG diet. This is when you will start to learn and get familiar with the diet protocol. The purpose of the preparation is for you to be able to handle the meal style on the HCG diet. The success of your diet depends on how well you do your Phase 1. Do not skip any part of the diet phase. This is because each phase plays a big role in the success of your weight loss.

Take time to ask questions from HCG diet experts if you are a first-time dieter. You also need to plan for the meals you can have during the diet. Have the list of the food and create a menu or recipe that you can have during the HCG diet. Avoid unhealthy food choices and learn more on the diet plan.

Things you can do before the HCG diet

  • Gradually take off carbs and sugar on your meals

You can do this before you start Phase 1. The gradual intake of carbs and sugar will help you do your HCG diet easily and fast. This will also lessen the possibility of getting hunger or cravings during the HCG diet.

  • Get physically active

Physical activities can help you do well on your HCG diet. It can boost your mental alertness. Physical activities can also help in taking off stress. Physical activities will slowly start to burn your calories. It can also help in maintaining bone and muscle health. Getting physically active can lower your risk of having diseases.

  • Start to eat healthy food choices

Healthy food choices such as organic products will start to cleanse your body. It can help you adjust easily to the eating style of the HCG diet. Healthy food choices bring various benefits to your body. Start to load on fruits, vegetables and sources of protein and fiber.

  • Review and familiarize the food list

Be familiar with the food list so that you will be able to know the foods that are not allowed. The food list has various food choices from fruits, vegetable and meat categories. Get familiar with the food choices to help you in purchasing foods for your diet. The more familiar you are with the food list the lesser chance you will slip on your diet.

  • Consult a doctor for physical check-up and review

Medical consultation will assess your body if you are ready to lose weight. The result of your medical check-up will be the basis of your weight loss goal. A medical check-up will make sure that you do not have diseases that can affect your weight loss.

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