One of the myths about being vegetarian is the lack of protein supply in your body. The reality is that protein is not only found in lean meats but also vegetables. Make a specific meal plan to consider a vegetarian loading during the HCG diet. To include vegetables, you have to follow a protocol for the HCG diet. The purpose of this is to maintain the 500 calorie intake per day while taking the HCG shots. Talk to your doctor if you are planning to follow a vegetarian protocol for the HCG diet.

The importance of protein during the HCG diet

Most of the calories that you get during the VLCD are from protein sources. It is vital in the cell of your body to do a ton of works during weight loss. Protein helps your body build and repair tissues and cells every day as the HCG burns your fats. Your digestive system breaks down the proteins into amino acids. Your body uses it to produce enzymes and hormones.  

Here are some protein-rich vegetables for your HCG diet

  • Brussels sprouts-These little green veggies are delicious and nutritional. You can eat these during the first two days of taking the HCG shots. Brussels sprouts contain potassium and vitamin K. It can maintain your satiety to prevent snacking.
  • Asparagus- It is one of the famous vegetables that are rich in fiber and protein. Asparagus is rich in vitamin A, C, K, and folate. Furthermore, eating asparagus has lots of health benefits in weight loss and improving digestion.
  • Broccoli- It is not only rich in fiber but also in protein. Broccoli digests slowly in your stomach that makes it less likely to get hungry right away. Eating broccoli gives an adequate amount of protein that helps in fat burning. It also has a property that prevents cancer. Broccoli maintains normal blood pressure and sugar levels during the HCG diet.
  • Spinach- This vegetable offers various nutritional value and health benefits. Aside from folic acid, iron, and calcium, it has tons of protein. Spinach is a famous vegetable for salad or smoothies. It can be a good food during the VLCD because it helps curb hunger.

What does protein do in the body during the HCG diet?

Protein helps in building firm muscle even when you are on a very low-calorie diet. It is one of the most vital nutrients that your body needs to maintain healthy weight loss. It can make you fuller than eating carbs and fats for Phase 2. Protein protects your fat stores from absorbing sugar by burning calories through thermogenesis.

Does eating protein-rich vegetables prevent cravings?

Protein-rich foods such as vegetables cut your cravings for a night snack. It blocks your appetite by improving the feeling of fullness so that you can eat less. Without protein, you are more likely to starve from unhealthy foods. Ensure that you have 200grams of protein per day during the HCG diet. It is a good substitute for carbs and oily foods.

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