HCG diet is a carb-free diet. It is more on real foods. It helps the dieters in overcoming diabetes. This disease has spread over the world and affects over 400 people worldwide. Maintaining sugar control through real foods can lower the risk of complications. One way to achieve healthy blood sugar and a healthy body is to lose weight. Each dieter must have an entire overview of weight loss and eating. The HCG diet only allows for real foods. The desire to eat processed foods must be gone in the system.

What are real foods?

These are foods that do not undergo processing. Real foods are foods that do not contain any harmful chemicals. These foods have a full pack of nutrients that are beneficial in maintaining a healthy body. It is loaded with most of the important nutrients that are needed in the body. These foods are safe to be eaten as much as we can. It does not bring negative effects to the body. The real foods that are recommended in the HCG diet are vegetables and fruits. Most of the foods that are allowed are organic foods.

Carbs and sugar are not allowed on the HCG diet. It is because these are a great source of why we gain fats. It can store more fats in fat stores. Thus, makes it too stubborn to be burn. Carbs and sugar cause life-threatening diseases. It will also harm the work of the HCG diet hormones. It slows down the weight loss process. Carbs and sugar will be added as soon as the body reached and maintain a healthy weight.

Real foods are also healthy in the heart. It does help the person get the most benefit of foods. It is safe for the heart because it is low in cholesterol. It has antioxidant that supports the heart. It functions well and keeps the heart-healthy. Real foods have healthy fats for cardiovascular health. It is low in carbs and high in fiber. It promotes proper metabolism. High fiber foods keep you more satisfied with low calories. It helps in maintain healthy digestion and push out waste. It has low cholesterol and is safe for blood pressure. It treats the blood vessel from having too much unhealthy fats. The HCG diet hormones target the parts in the body that has stubborn fats. Real foods provide variety and you can choose any to help you lose weight. Take note not to go beyond 500 calories on the VLCD.

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