The best way to stay on track is to set a realistic goal. You have to invest the patience and trust in the diet process. Always keep in mind that the HCG hormone is working for weight loss each day. You do not have to worry about the effect because it is able to grant your weight loss goal. The weight loss somehow depends on the goal that you have. There are cases that weight loss sabotage because of the improper weight loss goal.

This is the reason why each dieter is encouraged to have a realistic goal for weight loss. The recorded average weight loss for women is 3 to 5 pounds each day. To set a realistic weight loss goal, you must figure out first the body weight. This is for you to be able to know how much weight you should lose.

The success of the HCG diet depends on the goal of the dieter. The goal will be the one that will push the dieter to get out of his comfort zone. There are better things you can do than just waiting for the weight loss to work. Always give time to work out for your weight loss goal. This will require patience and dedication. The HCG hormones will work best in weight loss even if you are not doing a heavy workout. The real thing is that; a heavy workout can cause weight gain. It stresses the body and triggers hormones that can cause immediate weight gain.

The unrealistic weight loss goal often misleads the dieter. It can give failed expectations and frustrations. It is important to know how long a diet will take you to lose weight. The reality is that; there is no such thing as losing weight in just a snap. All the weight loss products undergo the process. Some of it succeeds and most of them really fail to the standard of the body. There are weight loss products that are so promising but only bring harm to the body.

Find a doctor who is an expert in the field of weight loss. There are also professional dieticians that can help you in setting the weight loss goal. Do not create a goal that is made out of peer-pressure or any lame reasons. The real reason why you have to lose weight is for you to live longer. This can also help in preventing diseases that are linked to obesity or overweight.

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