There are no magic tricks in the diet. You do not lose weight in just one snap. Diet takes a process and causes more sacrifices. But, hers the good news! HCG diet is a diet protocol that causes weight loss rapidly. Worry no more because HCG got you. There may be a lot of weight loss products that are very promising. HCG is the only diet protocol that is proven by many. Below are some truths about a diet.

  • The truth about calorie- This is a unit of energy that is from the food. We can also get calorie from anything that we eat or drink. A calorie is transformed into energy that we need in physical activities. Foods that are high in energy but low in nutritional value are poor in calories. Eating food as long as it is in caloric maximum is a dangerous myth. This means that you can stay on a low calorie a day. Make sure that; you are not doing heavy activities. The calories you are taking must be nutritious and may boost metabolism.
  • HCG weight loss works- This is because of the capability of HCG hormones to suppress hunger. It means that you can burn fats while on a very low-calorie diet. HCG targets the parts of the body that are not reached by other diet styles. It uses fats stores as a source of energy as it burns abnormal fats. It reprograms the brain by preventing it to signal any hunger pangs. That is why; It is fine to do the very low-calorie diet. However, you cannot do a very low-calorie diet without HCG hormones.
  • Do not get used to being hungry- losing weight is not about deprivation. You need to eat to support the body. If your stomach grumbles it means that you are loading on the proper foods. Do not make yourself suffer from hunger pangs. Grab a snack that is safe from sugar and starch. There is a lot of list of HCG meals that are effective in curbing hunger. Losing weight is not self-punishment. It is
  • No such thing as saying goodbye to sweets forever- Many diet protocols says to stay away from chocolates forever. There will be a time that you will crave for sweets. In HCG, you are NOT allowed to eat chocolates and sugary foods in the duration of the diet. After the diet, you can eat sweets but in a small size. There is no deprivation if you already losing weight and maintained it. However, you cannot go back to your old eating habits. Take control of your body and its health. In the end, the only treasure that you can have is your health. Live in the reality of the HCG diet. This will help you succeed.
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