There too many ways to recover from cheating. In a perfect view of the world, there is no stalling. However, we are not in a perfect world. We experience failure no matter how hard we tried. Failure is often considered the ingredients of a man’s life. With no further ado, let me go directly to my point. The point here is that we humans really make a mistake. Even in the smallest thing or in our expertise. On the HCG diet, a mistake is sometimes inevitable. Do not worry about this. We all have the chance to make it right. If you fail on the first try of the diet, you can do another one.

Cheating is usually done at the right moment but in the wrong place. An example of the right moment is a wedding, birthday and other celebration. It became wrong because you are on the diet and you are not allowed to eat unhealthy foods. Cheating is not an easy thing to resist because. You will just see yourself eating pasta, chocolate cake, and other foods. This happens to most dieters. However, they find time to make it right. There are ways to get back on track. Do not be dismayed by what you have done. Take a moment to think and move on from it. Forgive yourself for cheating and learn from it. Do not think as if you really failed yourself. You can get up and be back as a stronger person than you were before.

What will happen after you cheat?

You will gain weight. This is the first thing that is caused by cheating. Usually, you gain 5 more pounds than your last weight. This is not so good. You can still make it good if you will do something about it. Stay away from the sugar and carbs in the coming couple of days. Load more on proteins and veggies. Stay away from sugary fruits in this period. Get back on track and stay hydrated. You can make a plan so that the failure won’t happen again. Do not give yourself furthermore restrictions and deprivations. You just have to follow the protocol and make a plan based on it. Have a realistic plan that will help you grab back the weight you desired. Keep easy to grab HCG snacks in your bag wherever you go. Check the dose of the HCG that inject each day. Make yourself ready to get back on track.

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