Losing weight is harder than gaining it. You can gain weight in just a day of food indulgence. However, you cannot lose weight in performing a one-day workout. These are the visible reality of weight gain and weight loss. However, the HCG diet is created for faster weight loss. You can lose weight fast without undergoing any weight loss surgery or spending too much of your money.

Weight gain is possible reversible through following the HCG diet protocol. You can always get back on your diet track in case you stop your HCG diet. There are effective and safe ways to reverse weight gain during the HCG diet. You can lose weight as soon as you shift to a new lifestyle for the success of your HCG diet. The first step in getting back and reversing weight gain is to end your bad habits.

There is less possibility to gain weight on P4 of the HCG diet. However, if you go back to your unhealthy eating style you will surely gain weight. Phase 4 on the HCG diet is the time that you maintain your weight loss goal. The fat burning process ends here. However, you have to continue the proper eating technique to successfully maintain your weight loss. Do something to reverse in case of p4 weight gain.

How to counter weight gain during the P4 of the HCG diet?

  • Determine the root cause of why you gain weight

There is a various underlying cause of weight gain on the HCG diet. The cause of weight gain on P4 of the HCG diet is maybe because of dehydration, overeating, and menstrual cycle. There are also cases of water retention, stress, lack of sleep or sudden slowing down of metabolic rate. You can increase your time of exercise to reverse weight gain. Determine the cause of weight gain so that you know what and where to stop.

  • Go back to your diet track right away

Do something as soon as you notice weight gain. The common steps to get back on your diet track are apple and steak day. The apple day is the 1 to 2 day routine of eating nothing but apple for the whole day. You are allowed to have 5 to 7 apples to correct weight gain. The apple and steak day is commonly done to break the weight loss plateau on P3. But, you can also do this during Phase 4. Steak day, on the other hand, is eating nothing all day. You can have a large portion of lean steak meat for dinner. Steak day helps to balance back the calories.

  • Stay away from calories

There are two types of calories you must be aware of. It is solid and liquid calories. Do not drink beverages that are loaded with calories. Keep out from soda, fruit juice, alcohol, and wine. Solid calories as well come from unhealthy food choices. These are processed food products such as junk foods, processed meat, etc. Pizza, burger, fries, pasta, bread, cookies and cakes are an example of calorie-loaded foods. Continue to load on whole food products to counter weight gain.

  • Increase your exercise time duration

You can also reverse weight gain by increasing your exercise duration. Light-exercises can boost your metabolic rate. This can also help you shed extra calories and transition back to maintaining your weight loss. You can have at least 15 to 20 minutes of exercise routine daily. This will prevent you from getting a high level of stress. Stress is the main cause of natural weight gain.

  • Control your food portion and stay hydrated

Food portioning allows you to control your intake of calories. The effective ways in controlling portion sizes are weighing and measuring its amount. These are the easy and common ways to counter weight gain. Stay away from carbs, sugar, and industrial food ingredients. Take off excess calories by staying hydrated. It helps in dealing with water retention. It helps in controlling your appetite and prevents cravings and hunger from coming back. An adequate amount of water as well prevents you from unhealthy snacking.

  • Stop snacking at night

Late-night snacking can sabotage your digestion. It resets your metabolic rate and causes weight gain. The foods that you are eating on your late-night snacking cannot be digested right away. It can also trigger your blood sugar to rise. Thus, eventually, store stubborn fats in various parts of your body.

The foods that are allowed on Phase 4 of the HCG diet

  • Beans, almonds, pecans, peanuts, yams
  • Acorn squash, pistachios, walnut, macadamias
  • Carrots, legumes, parmesan and all kinds of cheese
  • Banana, mango, plum, grapes, kiwi
  • Apple, chestnut, watermelon, peach
  • All cuts of fat-free beef, chicken and pork meat
  • Whole pasta, peanut, mustard, milk, brown rice

How to completely keep your weight off during P4 of the HCG diet

  • Choose organic foods– Organic products are more nutritious than the common product in the market. It has a high nutritional profile and has more health benefits. Organic foods keep you from the risk of various diseases. Organic food products are free from pesticides and it is even fresher. The organic meat from organically raised animals is not given growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • Avoid eating on fast food chains– Food from restaurant and food chains are not weight-loss friendly. The food items in fast food chains are high in calories. It is also loaded with unhealthy food seasonings. One of the obvious effects of foods in the restaurant is rapid weight gain. Consider cooking at home. Prepare your meals so that you can control your food intake as well as the food portion.
  • Maintain your body’s hydration– Water is always an important weight loss aid. Drink an exact amount of water even after your HCG diet. Water cleanses your body from the effects of food calories. It also takes off the burned fats and helps maintain the proper function of your body’s organs.
  • Do not go back to your unhealthy habits– Phase 4 is not a go signal to go back to your old habits. Unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, overeating and skipping meals are a major cause of weight gain. You are not allowed to go back to your unhealthy habits even after the HCG diet.
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