Your weight reflects on how you deal with foods. This is not just about your etiquette in eating but also about how you view foods. Your right view towards food will help in your weight loss. Eating too much is a common response to stress, tiredness, and cravings. The effect of eating too much is really damaging to your weight loss. To avoid more risk, you have to stop your mouth from loading unhealthy foods. You must learn to have the right attitude towards food.

The right response to hunger during the HCG diet

If you are hungry, you have to check if it is physical or emotional hunger. Be clear about what you feel. This is because thirst is oftentimes misunderstood as hunger. Be careful about eating because you might respond to emotional hunger. Only eat when you are truly hungry. You have to eat healthy foods and make sure to eat mindfully.

The dos and don’ts towards food during HCG diet

  • Avoid cheating/ eating too much– Be careful about your meal serving. Do not eat too much especially during Phase 2 of HCG diet.
  • Eat on your dining table- Do not eat anywhere because it will destroy your focus on eating. If you lose your focus, you might load too much food.
  • Check your intake of calories– Always is careful on loading with foods. Stay away from calorie-dense foods. Be careful with your intake of calories even after your VLCD.
  • Read food labels- Food labels are important because they will help you review the food ingredients. Do not purchase food products that have sugar and other ingredients. Eat not because you crave but because your body needs nutrients.

Plan ahead for your HCG meal

Planning is a good attitude of a dieter. It will help you avoid the foods that are not allowed for your diet. You have a plan and purchase your grocery before you will start your diet. This includes a proper portion of each meal plan. Do not include the processed foods and other unhealthy food items on your meal plan.

What is your right mindset towards food on the HCG diet?

View foods as your health and weight loss aid. Do not view it as your stress reliever. You have to be wise enough in choosing what is best for your health and HCG diet. Focus on the benefits your body can get rather than on the taste of the foods. There are delicious foods but they are loaded with calories and other ingredients. You have to manage your mindset towards food. Your right mindset towards food will help you in being mindful.

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