Routine is an action that is regularly done. It comes in sequence from the time you get up from bed until you sleep at night. These are your daily actions that are already part of your living. Having a routine will help you accomplish your activities for the day. Your routine also helps you keep your body going for the entire day. It can also affect your health as well as your weight.

How your daily routine does affects your weight?

Your daily routine especially eating affects greatly your weight.  This affects especially if you are used to unhealthy loading. Unhealthy loading is obviously a threat to your weight. This is because of the foods that are chemically processed which leads to weight gain. You can also gain weight if you are used to skipping meals. It is because skipping meals will cause you to eat too much on your next meal.

Individualized self-routine that helps on HCG diet

  • Do not follow one recipe alone- Following one recipe alone may not work in the long run. There is a chance that you will get bored with the same recipe almost every day. The result of this is you will tend to question or blame it on the diet guide. That is why instead of having the same thing every day you can explore the entire protocol. HCG diet has a lot of food choices that you can choose to avoid getting bored.
  • Make your health goals unique every day- Forget about your unhealthy eating patterns and start a new one. Your health goals during the P2 must be according to the demand of the HCG diet. Health goals must be created based on your weight, lifestyle, current health situation, and the protocol of the diet.
  • Create your plan- Start smart with your new goals on the HCG diet. Make sure that your self-made plan does not go against the protocol of the HCG diet. Create your health routine rather than imitating other HCG dieters. You can use your resources and tools in starting a new plan.
  • You can add an exercise routine- To make things clear, you are not required to accompany an exercise during the VLCD. However, there are light activities you can do that do not affect the work of HCG. Do not do this if you are tired or hungry to avoid energy loss or stress. Light activities are allowed for 10 to 15 minutes three to four times a week.

Your weight loss goal will just be wasted if your plan remains in your mind. You have to take action on it. You can start your HCG diet anytime as long as you are ready. HCG diet helps improves the quality of your life by achieving a healthy weight. The protocol of the HCG diet is a complete guide on how you implement other routines. It can also help you avoid weight loss struggles. The HCG can work safely as long as you follow the diet protocol.

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