HCG diet is the most reliable solution for obese people. This is a natural and safe weight loss aid. HCG diet has a simple and straightforward effect on your weight loss goal. You have to follow the protocol which lays down a step-by-step process for weight loss. The HCG diet protocol is divided into 4 phases for the completion of the weight loss program.

HCG diet controls your hunger pangs and your metabolic rate. This eventually leads to rapid fat burning. You have to accompany it with a proper intake of calories. Cutting of caloric intake to 500 is safe as long as the HCG is present in your body. The purpose of the calorie cut down is not to lose weight fast. This is for you to easily transition to healthy habits. The HCG alone is responsible for rapid fat burning.

Administer the right amount of HCG at the same time each day. Avoid missing a dose for a greater possibility of losing weight. This is because HCG performs great work for fat burning. It also maintains the health of your bone and muscle during the rapid fat burning. It goes directly to the hard to reach areas of your body. It burns fats that are not reached by your past weight loss program.

HCG diet promotes the proper distribution of nutrients in your body

HCG does not just for plain weight loss. This is also effective in maintaining a healthy body. This is because of the healthy eating technique and the right foods for your health. Healthy food choices meet all the nutritional needs of your body. It also carries nutrients and distributes it all over your body. These food choices help in fighting and preventing diseases.

HCG diet promotes organic and natural products

HCG diet requires you to eat naturally grown foods. These are the products that are whole and organic. The purpose of this is to give your body a break from receiving harmful chemicals. Whole and freshly picked products are the most proven and safe products for weight loss. You have to stay away from processed foods. This is because the unhealthy ingredients on processed products do not just cause weight. It can also trigger life-threatening diseases. Opt to have fruits and green leafy vegetables on your HCG diet. It is safe, organic and low in calories.

The safe and clean start of the HCG diet

  • Start to have new food choices- You will be introducing new food choices during your HCG diet. Choose the right foods or refer to the HCG diet food list. The food choices during the HCG diet are chosen carefully. This is to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body during the HCG diet. HCG meal choices are more on organic or freshly picked products. Stay away from sugar and starches during the very low-calorie diet.
  • Have a proper discipline in eating- Creating a discipline in eating helps in weight loss. One way of eating discipline is to eat slowly. This is a technique that allows you to detect fullness. If you eat too fast you will not be able to track your food intake. You will also not be able to detect if you are already full or not. This can cause you to eat too much food without knowing that you have done too much. Discipline in eating also allows your body to process the foods properly.
  • Control your food intake- Food portioning is the most important especially if you are doing the VLCD. Proper food portioning will help you get the right amount of nutrients needed by your body. Do not neglect food portioning because it might cause you to load on too many calories. Control your intake of calories to promote weight loss. Check each food label before cooking or purchasing food products.
  • Prepare your snack and meal at home– You have to prepare your food at home to avoid unhealthy ingredients. Preparing at home will help you maintain your weight loss and stay on your diet track. There are nutritious foods in the HCG food list you can have for your snack or meal. Do not buy foods in restaurants and food chains because you might load on non-HCG diet-friendly food. Watch out with your intake of calories in every meal setting. Proper food preparation will give you a bigger possibility to reach your weight loss goal.

What are the foods you need to avoid during the HCG diet?

  • Rice, pasta, white bread

These are the main cause of the rapid storing of body fats in your body. These food choices are loaded with carbs. It can cause weight gain and may stop your weight loss. White rice can also lead you to eat too much and it has lower nutrients compared to brown rice. Pasta is also high in carbs that will silently kill your weight loss. It can ruin your blood sugar levels. Too much carb can also trigger various weight-related diseases.

  • Processed meat and fried potatoes

Lean meat has various benefits in your body. However, processed and fatty meat is not allowed. It affects your body from losing weight and may also cause diseases. Fatty meats are the main cause of high blood pressure. Processed meats have chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients. It has added seasonings, salt, preservatives and added flavoring. It delays weight loss and causes cardiovascular diseases. Opt to have lean meat because it has high levels of protein. Protein helps in maintaining muscle health and prevents bone loss.

  • Fried potatoes and junk foods

Fried potato has also a high level of cholesterol. This will block the passage of air and blood that lead to poor health. Fried potatoes promote rapid fat storing in various parts of your body. It is also the main cause of obesity. Junk foods as well are loaded with calories, fats, and sugar. It has the same effect as processed foods. Stay away from junk food even after the HCG diet.

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