Eating less means consuming foods that have less amount than your old style. It is a way of resetting your psychological phase on the HCG diet to be able to control weight loss. Learning how to eat less involves knowing your limitations and weaknesses. Through this, you will be able to come up with some method that will work for you. You can practice these safe methods to deal with difficulties in controlling your food intake.

Safe method to eat less on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

Method #1- Eat your foods with away from distractions

When you eat your foods stay away from televisions or other entertainment. Eating foods with distractions gives a bigger risk to overeating. This also often results in fast eating or mindless eating. Eat your meal at the right place and focus on eating alone. Avoid holding your cell phone or doing any other unnecessary chores.

Method #2 – Eat slowly and enjoy your meals

Slow down when you eat your meals. You can enjoy your food as you eat slowly. Take note that you are not on a race. Eating fast leads to improper digestion of foods and constipation. Slow down on your meal especially in the first few minutes upon starting. Allow your brain to send signals that you are already full. Drink an adequate amount of water to avoid eating too much.

Method #3 – Keep junk foods away from you

Clear your food storage from junk foods and other unhealthy food choices. The reason why it is called junk food is that it has low nutritional values. Keeping junk food out of your home will help you control your appetite on the HCG diet. It will also prevent you from experiencing hunger or cravings. Thus, makes you satisfied despite you are eating fewer calories. Fill your food storage with the allowed foods during Phase 2 of the HCG diet.

Method #4- Always refer to your food list

Refer to the diet food list for more food choices. Follow this protocol to stick to the diet longer. Make a list of the healthy options that you enjoy. You can also explore on your food list and create an HCG diet-friendly meal. Do not eat the same food every day to avoid getting bored. There are several food choices you can enjoy during Phase 2 of the HCG diet.

Method #5 – Avoid the common triggers of eating too much

Stay away from the triggers of overeating around you. It can be food chains, restaurants, or the grocery store. Avoid such places especially if you have nothing to do in there. You also have to avoid triggers of stress because it results in emotional eating. Maintain your self-awareness with the common triggers of overeating.

Method #6- Use smaller plates

Smaller plates make you eat less because you cannot pile a large number of foods in it. This is a good method to control portion sizes. On your small plates, you can put a portion of lean protein, fruits, and veggies on it. Do not forget to portion your meals ahead of time. It will help you decide the right amount of food you need for each meal.

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