The second round of the HCG diet is as effective as the first round. You can do this if you want to lose more pounds.  This is also a follow-up process if you have not yet your desired weight loss goal.  The second round of the HCG diet is not compulsory but it is allowed. You have to continue to do a healthy lifestyle. Starting a second round is the same way as to how you start your weight loss journey.

The worst things that you must not do are unhealthy eating. Do not go back to your old eating habits which cause you to gain pounds. There are easy preparations you can do to fully prepare your body for weight loss. The second round of the HCG diet will still give you fulfilling results in reaching your desired goals. You have to lose weight and stay focused during round 2 of the HCG diet. There is nothing to worry about during this round. Doing the HCG diet for the second round is still safe and effective.

The benefits of the second round of the HCG diet are you will get more familiar with the protocol. This is also the time that your body is fully prepared to lose even more weight. You have to take at least 6 weeks to break time before you will finally start round 2 of the HCG diet. It is time that your metabolism is more prepared and responsive. The purpose of the 6-week break is to make sure that the HCG is totally out of your body. It will help familiarity and achieve the same effectiveness.

Things you can do on the break time for the second round of the HCG diet

  • Eat Healthy During the Break

You have to continuously do a healthy lifestyle before you will begin. Take off sugar, carbs and other harmful food ingredients that cause you to gain weight. Avoid sugar, carbs, starches, grains and oily foods. Going back to the VLCD is hard. However, you are even more familiar with the protocol and steps during the break time. You can create steps and technique to successfully implement the VLCD without gaining weight. Do not go back to your unhealthy eating habits.

  • Exercise regularly and meet with a Medical Doctor

You can start to increase your time of exercise during the break time. Exercising helps in burning extra food calories. It also improves the health of your muscles and bones. You can do exercise regularly during the 6 weeks of your break. It also removes an unhealthy impact of the food choices in your body. However, you are not allowed to do heavy exercises because it can cause tiredness.

Before you will start the round 2 of the HCG diet you have to undergo assessment. This is a medical checkup that helps in assessing your body. This is a less detailed checkup compared to the medical checkup before. It will be used as a go signal if you are still capable of the second round of the HCG diet. This is also to make sure that you have no life-threatening diseases.

  • Follow the Protocol and Make sure you go Through Loading Phase

You also have to do the loading phase as usual. This is done during the first three days as soon as you start the HCG diet. Do not neglect to do this step because it is very important. Follow the diet protocol that includes eating healthy food choices. You can still; eat as many fatty foods as you can. It will help to prepare your fats stores for the VLCD. The loading phase is the time to raise the fat reserves in your body to be used during the VLCD.

  • Recall and get familiar with the HCG diet guide

Make sure to review the diet food list and the protocol. Spend time to get familiar with the foods that are allowed for weight loss. You have to keep a list of the foods that are beneficial for your body during the HCG diet. It will help you reach your weight loss goal and to successfully transition to a healthy lifestyle. Remind yourself about the foods that are allowed and the forbidden foods.

  • Start to cut down your unhealthy loading

If you have cheated on your diet, you have to stop it right away. End your indulgences with sugary and salty foods. You also have to cut back your intake of carbs and fatty foods. Cutting back your food indulgences helps in curbing hunger and cravings. Choose healthy food choices such as the fruits and vegetables that are allowed during the HCG diet. You are also allowed to have meat as long as it is fat-free and it is not processed. Replace your unhealthy foods with whole and organic food choices.

Is there still hunger during round two of the HCG diet?

Hunger is normal and it is still possible during this round. However, it will just be gone as soon as your body fully adjusts to the VLCD. Hunger is possible especially if you are eating unhealthy foods during the 6 weeks break. You have to stay hydrated and choose the right kind of food to aid in curbing hunger. The HCG will curb your hunger and cravings as soon as it is in your system. Always remember that HCG works the same as how it burns fats during the first round.

How about the work and effect of the HCG?

It is still effective and safe during round 2. You just have to avoid the missed dose and even double dosing. This is because the fat burning will just happen when the right dose is administered. There are some cases that you will experience a slight headache but it will just disappear right away. Make sure to have the right weight loss goal. The HCG still works fully in reaching the hard to reach fats in various parts of your body. Always remember that the rapid fat burning only happens when the HCG is administered properly.

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